Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Review: Daddy Issues

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Two down and one to go.

That's where Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 7 ended up, with Alice using her second wish. I'll have to admit that it was hard to blame her for doing so. Even after all her father has put her through.

Finding Her Father

At least the man didn't actually wish her dead. Or put her out with the trash. Too bad Jafar couldn't say the same for his father.

Jafar has become a study in whether evil is born or made. It certainly appeared that his mother loved him but we have nothing to gauge their relationship on besides her dying words. It does put her character in question knowing that she ended up conceiving a child with a monster.

It would be one thing if the man never acknowledged his son or sent him away, but to try and drown him for being too smart and not quite discreet enough was horrifying. Almost as cold-hearted as telling his grown son he should have held his head under the water longer. 

It almost made me feel sympathy for Jafar. Almost.

Jafar's father made Alice's look like a prize. As she said in this Once Upon a Time in Wonderland quote

You never treated me like a daughter. You treated me like an obligation. Like a part of your life you had no choice but to tolerate.


At least Alice's father prayed for her safety. And I do suppose shipping one's child off to an insane asylum is a step up from trying to kill them. 

I was relieved when Alice realized that her father was an imposter. And as much as I didn't want her to use that second wish, I suppose watching her father fall to his death made that inevitable. But I can't imagine it will take much for Jafar to push her into using her third and final wish…and then what?

If Jafar manages to change the rules of magic, what is it that he wants? To force his father to love him. As the man himself said what good is love and respect if it has to be stolen? 

Does Jafar want to resurrect his mother? I can't imagine it's that simple.

As for Alice, once she finds Cyrus, what is her plan for getting them out of Wonderland and will it matter if Jafar can travel to other realms?

And is there any chance that Alice and Jafar's daddy issues will eventually bond them together? Will the Red Queen and the Knave of Hearts ever find their way back as a couple? 

With so many questions looming, there's a lot riding on next week's winter finale of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1.

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