Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Save Henry"

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Our intrepid Neverland crew was out to "Save Henry" on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 9 but they couldn't quite get it done.

TV Fanatics Michelle Carlbert, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate the surprise of the body switch and how to rate the Tree of Regret.


Were you surprised that Regina actually brought Henry back to the adoption agency when she found out where he came from?

Michelle: Yes, I would've thought that would make her want to keep him even more, since then she could control him. But I guess that would make her even more evil and one thing I learned in last night's episode is that, when it comes to Henry at least, her motivations aren't always destructive.

Gareth:  I was surprised that she knew about Emma. All through the episode, my continuity obsession was kicking in! I was glad that they rectified it in a satisfactory way. I think Regina making the choice to forget her fears about Henry’s birth mother was the first real instance of her truly putting somebody else first. Henry does seem to bring out the best in her. 

Jim:   I was more surprised that she didn't go through with leaving him there. Regina has always had trouble picking the harder choice. Glad for Henry that she didn't this time. 

Christine:  I was surprised she made it all the way to the agency before she changed her mind. But I thought having Wendy's brothers searching for Henry was a nice touch. 

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Did you know that Pan and Henry had switched bodies or did the revelation surprise you?

Michelle: I had no clue! That was actually a really fun surprise for me. 

Gareth:  Yeah. I figured it out straight away when I saw the eyes glow. Brought back memories of Buffy and Faith swapping bodies in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Will be interesting to see the respective actors taking on a new role. 

Jim: I saw the flash in their eyes and wondered. I actually rolled my eyes when they revealed it. I really hope we don't have to deal with Peter Pan much longer, or at least Henry being in trouble with Pan, it's getting old.

Christine:  I had the same Buffy flashback that Gareth did but for some reason I dismissed it, until the end. So yeah I was surprised but like Jim I'm kind of over the Peter Pan story. I hope it doesn't go on much longer. 

Emma appeared to step back a bit and Regina stepped up as Henry's mother. Did that make sense to you?

Michelle: No, not really and I did think that was a little odd. Regina did tell Emma that she only had Henry while Emma had the rest of her family, but I still can't imagine that Emma would back away that easily. Maybe if Emma was still on her own, I could see it, but now that Neal is back I thought that all three of them would turn into a parenting team.

Gareth:  It made total sense. I loved Regina’s speech to Emma about Henry being the only thing she really had in her life that meant anything. Emma has a begrudging respect for Regina now. She recognizes that, ultimately, Regina has been the only mother in Henry’s life since birth. Regina has every right to step up plus she has the power to do what needs to be done. 

Jim: After Regina's admission that she had no regrets over the things that she has done because it brought her to her son, I would have given her a little room too. Emma has been beating the "I'm his mom" drum a little hard anyway. 

Christine:  Regina stepping up made perfect sense. She's raised Henry so when he's sick or hurt she automatically goes into Mom mode. Emma stepping back as much as she did surprised me. After fighting so hard to get him back I would have thought she'd want to stay closer to her son. 

Regina foiling the Tree of Regret. Rate the moment on a  scale of 1(worst) to 10 (best).

Michelle: Great question. Perhaps it was hokey, but it made me smile so I'm giving it an 8. 

Gareth:  6. That was a pretty convenient plot device but Lana made the scene work well. I like her logic. If she hadn’t cast the curse, she would never have adopted Henry. So something good did come from so much bad in a strange way.  Destiny does seem to be a big thing on the show this season. 

Jim: I really enjoyed it, I'm giving it an 8. Next time someone says being evil doesn't win, I will remind them that it does against a tree of regret! 

Christine:  A definite 8. Regina has become my favorite character and I loved that while Emma and Snow wallowed in regret she got to laughing Pan's face and rip his (or Henry's) heart out of his chest. I thought that was a lot of fun. 

What was your favorite scene?

Michelle: For me, it was when Gold was released from the box and reunited with Neal. I just love the relationship that those two have and I was very happy to see that, for now anyway, father and son are together again.

Gareth:  I couldn’t choose a favorite scene in this episode. Lana was outstanding in every scene. You really felt for her as she struggled with parenting and wrestled with her own demons. I would say this episode secures a place in my top ten favorites so far. 

Jim: I liked Neal and Rumple reuniting and Neal now believing that Rumple could be better. I really hope they can hold on to that when they get back to Storybrooke. 

Christine:  I'm with Jim. Lana Parrilla knocked this episode out of the park. Both as a struggling new mom and then with her defeating Peter Pan, I loved her in every scene. 

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