Peter Capaldi Becomes Doctor Who: Watch Now!

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Well, that was an emotional way to conclude Christmas.

On Doctor Who  Season 7 Episode 16, Matt Smith bid farewell to his beloved title role by regenerating into Peter Capaldi during the installment's moving final few moments.

He saw Amelia - the first face his face ever saw - once again. He said goodbye to Clara. And he came face-to-face with a returning Amy Pond for a couple seconds.

It was tear-inducing stuff... and then - whoosh! - like that, it was over. Capaldi's version of The Time Lord debuted, yabbering about his kidneys and asking Clara one basic question: Can she fly the TARDIS?

Watch the regeneration take place now and watch Doctor Who online if you've missed any Season 7 episodes:

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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Clara: Emergency. You're my boyfriend.
The Doctor: Ding dong. OK, brilliant. I may be a bit rusty in some areas, but I will glance at a manual.

I said put me on a ship. I didn't say put me on a Dalek ship. Don't put me on a Dalek ship when I'm holding a broken bit of Dalek!

The Doctor