The Mentalist Round Table: "My Blue Heaven"

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Patrick Jane visited "My Blue Heaven" as The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 9 took a two year time jump and a trip to the beach. 

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Mentalist fans from Twitter @SteeleSimz and @MentalistProbs to discuss Cho's prediction, Jane's terms of service and who had the best hairpin.


Were you surprised that Jane had been sending Lisbon letters over his two year absence?

@SteeleSimz:  When I first heard about the two year time jump I was willing to bet that Jane hadn't keep in contact with anyone. Basically to me it would be Vegas all over again just longer. After the promo came out most fans on twitter that I chat to were believing that he was writing to her. I wanted proof before I jumped onto that wagon. After the episode I'm beyond glad that the writers went that route to show that Jane still cares for Lisbon and wants her to know that he is okay. So yeah I was surprised. 

@MentalistProbs:  Actually, I was surprised. The way Lisbon talked at the beginning about not being in contact with him (which we now know was a lie), I was convinced that they weren't talking anymore. I think the unexpectedness of it made it so much sweeter and heart melting.

Christine:  Pleasantly surprised. Lisbon was convincing when she told Abbott she'd had no contact with Jane and we know he's gone off on his own before with no contact. Thankfully this time he's not obsessed with finding a serial killer. I think that's given him the opportunity to see who is important to him and allow him to miss them. I absolutely loved that he's written her real letters and she sits and reads them by the fire. Perfect!

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Cho has a point? Will Jane be able to fit in at the FBI?

@SteeleSimz:  I think Cho does have a point to a certain degree but I also think there is some anger towards Jane. I personally think that Cho believes Jane won't be able to follow the rules and will end up in jail or run off again causing pain for those who care about him. As for Jane fitting into the FBI, I think it is going to be a test of will to see who gets the better of the other person before Jane is finally able to fit into the standards that the FBI set. 

@MentalistProbs:  Where does Jane fit in?! I simply don't think the FBI can handle him without Lisbon. The FBI seems stricter than the CBI, and I think they will be shocked by his shenanigans and methods.

Christine:  Oh yes. This is going to be a challenge all the way around. And if Abbott gets to use his terms instead of the ones Jane laid out I don't see how Patrick doesn't end up in prison before his five years is up. 

Why was Jane so adamant about working with Lisbon again even though he hadn't spoken to her about it?

@SteeleSimz:  I think working with Lisbon is the one way Jane knows that he can stay out of trouble and remain in the states. She does have some control of him and has been there several times over to defend him from others. I think him not telling her was the simply fact that he didn't get the chance to tell her and maybe hoping to surprise her a little that he his first "demand" was that he work with her. This was his way of showing that he still needs her in his life more than anything. 

@MentalistProbs:   Jane wants to work with Lisbon because she was the only thing that had him coming back, I think. She made the job worth it for him and now that he's been spoiled with her, there's no going back.

Christine:  I think it's as simple as he misses her. I also think that he enjoyed his work at the CBI. Like Abbott said, he was good at being an investigator, even when it had nothing to do with Red John. But I don't think he'd come back if he couldn't be close to Lisbon and this is the most natural way for that to happen. 

This episode was chock full of hair porn. Whose hair was better, Lisbon or Jane's?

@SteeleSimz:  Uhhh, now that is a truly unfair question. Crap, can I vote for a tie? Seriously both Simon and Robin looked great in this episode as did the rest of the cast. But I will admit that I seriously just want to run my fingers through Jane's curls just once. 

@MentalistProbs:  HAIRPORN! Yes, there definitely was a lot of that! Lisbon's luscious waves were mesmerizing, and Jane's curls killed me as usual. However with the addition of Janes's beard, I'd have to say Jane had the best over all hair. But it was a close close race!

Christine:  I was mesmerized by Lisbon's hair as she sat on her sofa reading those letters. But Jane's beach hair was pretty spectacular. The only hair I didn't like was Van Pelt's. I really didn't like her new bangs. 

What was your favorite scene?

@SteeleSimz:  And here I thought question four was tough. Okay my shipper side says the reunion scene is best as well as the voice over of what Jane was putting in his letter to Lisbon. Then my non-shipper side loved Jane getting the better of the drug dealers and then setting Abbott up to catch him.  Jane may have gotten his revenge but he is the same man that we know and love who can pull the same crap as before to get results. 

@MentalistProbs:  I can't say my favorite scene- I honestly loved the entire episode. I LOVED Simon speaking Spanish, and I LOVED Jane and Lisbon's reunion. It was beautiful. Simon did excellent in directing and the rest of the cast and crew did amazing as usual! 

Christine:  The reunion scene. Hands down. Finally a real heartfelt hug and I don't think I've ever seen such a genuine smile on Patrick. He looked truly happy to see Teresa again. He literally couldn't keep his eyes off of her. 

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