The Originals Round Table: "Reigning Pain in New Orleans"

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With The Originals first 9 episodes behind us and a full second half remaining when the show returns in January, it's time for our TV Fanatic Round Table to break down the mid-season finale.

How hot are Hayley and Elijah? Is Rebekah the most unlucky in love vampire ever to live? What's Davina next move? Join Leigh Raines, Dan Forcella, Miranda Wicker, and Heather Vee from as we answer these questions and more about "Reigning Pain in New Orleans."


What was your favorite scene or quote from The Originals Season 1 Episode 9?

Leigh: Davina: Aren't you Klaus's wife? Hayley: Ew no! Hahaha. Loved it. Simple and to the point.

Dan: Klaus's plea to Marcel was perfection..."This community that you've built, you have their respect, their love. I can rule them, but I cannot win them. Not without you. So rule with me, side by side, as equals, friends, brothers." 

Heather: Mine is less a scene or quote than Father Kieran in general. How much do I love this character? Anyone who can stand toe-to-toe with Klaus and come off so incredibly strong, but obviously compassionate, is outstanding.

Miranda: Choosing a favorite anything about this show is always like being asked to choose a favorite child. It's impossible. I loved Marcel telling Klaus that he can command loyalty but he has to earn respect and friendship. Those are the two things Klaus has struggled to obtain, but I think there's hope for him. Probably. 

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Rate the sexual tension between Klaus and Cami on a scale of 1 to 10.

Leigh: Ooooh, this one is tough. I was more excited for Cami to go all Memento on us. Don't get me wrong, she definitely has chemistry with Klaus, it's there, it's simmering but not yet brought to a boil. I'll give it a seven. However, I really loved the scene when she saw some memories from Klaus and sincerely told him that she was sorry for what his father did to him. It was this simple gesture that Klaus probably has rarely experienced in his 1000 years.

Dan: I mean it's tough not to have sexual tension with Klaus. The dude is a dynamo.  I'd give it a 6.  I'm not feeling Cami for my boy Nik. He can do better. 

Heather: There's definitely tension there, but... I don't read it as sexual? I think it could be, but right now it's very raw and honest and engaging on an intellectual//emotional level, which is more sophisticated The current push-and-pull happening feels more dangerous and exciting than if they just fell into bed. In fact, I think if they did fall into bed any time, it would do a huge disservice to what's been building these first nine episodes.

Miranda: I'm going to have to give this an 8. It's definitely more adult, like Heather said, but it also feels very real. I'm not ready for them to sleep together, but I really wanted one of them to lean in a little closer.

Now rate the sexual tension between Hayley and Elijah.

Leigh: This one is so scorching it's about to boil over the pot. I love them. But I fear what Klaus will do if something ever happened between Elijah and Hayley. Then again, there's something to be said for delayed gratification.

Dan: 9 for sure. Every time these two get near each other I have to turn the AC up at my place.  That my friends means it is HOT. 

Heather: Oh, it's pushing 10 at this point. I really love how organic this relationship has been because their hesitation feels logical. As much as you wish Elijah would tell Klaus "deal with it," it's a very complicated situation, with a lot of emotional traps. 

Miranda: Man, everything about these two is on fire right now. Absolutely everything. And everyone can see it. They get an 11. 

Is Rebekah the least lucky in love vampire in the history of vampires?

Leigh: The least lucky? No but she's definitely had some bad luck. However, it should also be noted that she's had some great love affairs in her life. It's too bad they've all been ripped from her too soon. And usually by her sociopathic brother.

Dan: If she's the least lucky in the history of vampires it's because she has had to endure a fling with the ever-so-boring Matt Donovan. 

Heather: Oh, Rebekah

Miranda: Dan, you're just jealous that the fling wasn't with you! Poor Beks. I think Matt should take a vacation to the Big Easy to comfort her wounded heart.

Davina knows that Marcel lied to her. What's her next move?

Leigh: Teaming up with Cami and the other people she trusts to gain her independence and some revenge. I don't think she would be stupid enough to go back to the witches, Agnes dead or not.

Dan: Her next move should be to spy on Marcel, learn his every move, and slowly but surely take him down for lying to her.  Just kidding.  She doesn't have the stones to make a move on anyone.  She can wait for the next powerful person to tell her what to do. 

Heather: Davina is currently one of the most powerful witches who has ever lived - really, she can make any move she wants to. But what makes this situation interesting is that the more she learns to control her magic, the harder it will be to let that power fade away if the Harvest isn't completed. Right now she has very little hold on what she wants other than being "normal," because she's so young. I think forming bonds with people who want nothing from her - Josh, possibly Cami - will help realize the path she wants to go down, and if that puts her firmly in the way of the vampires? Bring it on. They need a formidable adversary. 

Miranda: If the promo for The Originals Season 1 Episode 10 is any indication, Davina the Teenage Witch is about to show everyone she's not playing around anymore.

How intrigued are you by the introduction of Klaus' werewolf bloodline?

Leigh: Honestly? Not super interested. We get small glimpses of the werewolves and nothing has really grabbed my interest that much, not even Esther's ring. There could be a lot of potential there so I won't write it off yet. 

Dan: Anything that has to do with my boy Nik interests me.  If it works at getting him all emotional again, I'm all for it.  Joe Morgan can pull at the heart strings like a champ. 

Heather: This was my favorite plot point raised in the episode, and I think Klaus's indifference - however feigned - made it even more interesting. I've been waiting for more information about his werewolf side since The Vampire Diaries Season 2. Still so many unanswered questions!

Miranda: I'm with Dan and Heather. I'm incredibly intrigued by Klaus' werewolf history because it's an entirely new avenue for storytelling. I also had the thought that it would be interesting if Klaus learned more about his lineage and somehow he's related to Tyler, like Klaus' bloodline was the original Lockwood bloodline. Then Tyler's part of the family and there's a whole new level of drama for the two of them even if the origination of the line dates back centuries.

If you missed The Originals mid-season finale, you can watch it online here.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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The Originals Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Rebekah: Absolutely not! I paid for that!
Elijah: Please. You've never paid for anything in your life.
Rebekah: I hardly see how that's relevant.

Klaus: Let us begin with a toast to our shared gift--immortality. After 1,000 years, one might expect life to be less keenly felt, for its beauties and its sorrows to diminish with time, but as vampires we feel more deeply than humans could possibly imagine. Insatiable need, exquisite pain, our victories, and our defeats. To my city, my home again. May the blood never cease to flow--
Marcel: And the party never end.