The Tomorrow People Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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At its midway point, The Tomorrow People Season 1 has been quite the roller coaster ride.

A bit of inconsistency is not unusual with shows in their opening season, of course, as every series has to learn to find its stride. But overall this drama has had more positive points than negative ones.

Let’s take a look at the first half of Season 1 in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card...


Best Episode: The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8. After John, Jedikiah is my next favorite character on this show so giving us an episode where he is captured by the paranormals and forced to get in touch with his feelings was like giving me an ice cream sundae. It was purely delicious and I couldn’t gobble it up fast enough. Jedikiah’s capture led to us learning a lot more about him, including how much he cared for John and for his girlfriend Morgan. It was then we understood that he wasn’t just a heartless guy working for Ultra, but a man who still had the ability to love in his own, if sometimes odd, way.

Worst Episode: Not being a big fan of the John/Cara/Stephen love triangle, The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 7 became my least favorite when it showed us that this was going to be an ongoing thing. Stephen and Cara discovered they had a connection and slept together, but then Cara decided to go back to John and it was all complicated and annoying again. Speaking of annoying, I also didn’t enjoy the childish version of Stephen we saw as he used his powers to become the big man on campus.

Stephen's In Trouble

Best Character: John. If you’ve been reading my reviews of this season then I’m sure that my pick for best character has come with no surprise. John intrigued me from the very beginning, but it wasn’t until we found out about all of his (pseudo) daddy issues that I truly fell in love with him. He’s strong, he’s loyal, he’s intelligent, but he’s also not without his failures, which only make him even more likeable.

Worst Character: Stephen. I know some people might hate me for this one, seeing as how he’s the star of the show, but know that I say this out of love. You know how parents will sometimes tell their kids that they are being hard on them because they love them and expect more from them? Well, that’s how I feel about Stephen. I like his character, but I want so much more from him. I know he’s basically a kid, but as the Chosen One, I want him to grow up a bit.

Best Relationship: John and Jedikiah. When this series began, I would never have predicted that the best relationship would come from two men who were basically sworn enemies, but once more and more of their past was revealed, the complexities of that relationship became very clear. Jedikiah, for all of his faults, is a man who loved (and still loves, in my opinion) John like a son. Theirs is a father/son relationship that has been through more than most, even in the world of TV.

Best Paranormal: Russell. He might be the comic relief most of the time, but he’s also got a ton of heart hidden under all of those laughs. He’s also the guy that seems to have the most fun with his powers, but somehow isn’t a jerk about it.

Hopes for the Rest of The Tomorrow People Season 1: While it’s true that some aspects of the show have been disappointing, these are far overshadowed by those aspects that I enjoyed. I hope that we see Stephen mature in future episodes and that the "will they/won’t they" dance between him and Cara is put away for a little while at least. I’d also love to see the relationship between John and Jedikiah continue to be fleshed out.

Overall Grade: B+

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