The Tomorrow People: Watch Season 1 Episode 8 Online

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After a week or two of fans longing for more, The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8 might as well have been called "And That's More Like It."

In particular, the relationship between Cara and Stephen took a back seat, which was satisfying compared to some previous installments of the CW show.

This time around, John and Jedikiah took center stage in "Thanatos."

Boy did those characters deliver, too. Mark Pellegrino, in particular, showed why he's among the top veteran character actors in the business today.

Miss it? Want to relive it a second time before the midseason finale?

Watch The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8 in full below!

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

John: At the first sign of trouble..
Russell: We're off like a bra on prom night.

I'm like a one man "Ocean's 11."