The Vampire Diaries Producer Teases Augustine Vampire, Statherine & Klaus' Return

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The Vampire Diaries mid-season finale is upon us! And yes, we're a little sad that this is our last episode of TVD until January.

When last we saw Elena Gilbert, she was strapped to a table in Dr. Maxfield's lab where she met Damon's old friend Enzo. Katherine and Stefan were heating things up in front of the Salvatore fireplace. 

How will all of that play out?

TV Fanatic had the chance to chat with Executive Producer and writer Caroline Dries about what we can expect from The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 10. Scroll down for excerpts from our exclusive Q&A...

Stefan, Aaron and Damon

TV Fanatic: What can you tell us about the mid-season finale?

Caroline Dries: We left off with the big cliffhanger that Enzo is still alive and survived the fire, so the tension of the episode is what will happen when Damon realizes that Enzo is still alive and what is Enzo going to do to Damon. We're introducing that relationship and it's frightening because Enzo's a little unhinged because he's been experimented on for the last 70 years, so you can imagine being inside his brain. It's also a very complicated relationship because he weirdly loves Damon because Damon was his friend for five years, his only friend for all of that time, so they share this dark past that nobody else will relate to.

TVF: So is Enzo the Augustine Vampire? Or are there multiple Augustine vampires?

CD: Well, that's going to be revealed in this episode. This episode is meant to kind of answer all of the questions that we keyed up in the premiere when Megan was killed and how that all happened and why.

TVF: Will he be sticking around beyond tomorrow night?

CD: Yes, he's going to be kind of the Devil on Damon's shoulder a little bit, frenemies. He adds an interesting layer to the cast because he's so charming and yet so dangerous.

TVF: Kind of like The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Damon.

CD: Yes, exactly.

TVF: What sort of trouble does Damon's revenge against the Whitmore family cause for Delena?

CD: Elena was barely able to process it before she was taken by Wes and wound up in this weird lab that she finds herself in so in the episode she's there thinking and processing and trying to come to terms with it. But also throughout the course of the episode while she's there she learns what Augustine is about and her own personal relationship to Augustine. She comes away with this interesting realization of what Augustine was all about and her own personal link to it. She faces off with Damon at the end and I don't think the audience will guess how she handles it.

TVF: Okay, well that sounds sufficiently cliffhanger-y!

CD: [laughs]

TVF: Will Grayson Gilbert's work at Whitmore College play a role in the next part of the season?

CD: No, we're pretty much wrapping up his personal contributions and Elena's takeaway, but what Wes is working on will have an effect on the rest of the season.

TVF: Is Maxfield a mad scientist on a mission or just a scientist? He plays creepy really well.

CD: He does play creepy well, but the way we look at scenes with him, our goal for those scenes is just to be like 'you're a doctor and you're in a clinic, and you're doing experiments on rats' you know? Because we really love the vampire characters on our show, we're all siding with them, but if you really look and listen to what he's doing, he cares about Aaron, he cares about people, he cares about protecting people, so it all depends on what lens you're looking at it through. So yeah, he is creepy, but it's only because we love the characters he's torturing.

TVF: How long have you guys known a reunion between Katherine and Stefan would happen? 

CD: We knew starting with episode 1 that this was going to be the season of Katherine Pierce as a human and sort of like, can Katherine redeem herself. We knew we wanted to play this terminal story with her where she realizes that she's going to die at some point. She's a human being facing her mortality, so it's like 'who am I? will I fix myself? will I redeem myself? or will I go out being Katherine Pierce and stay true to who I am who is this sort of selfish and evil villain person who's out for herself?'

With that being said, Stefan at the same time went through this horrific summer of being tortured and the PTSD while he's lost the love of his life so he's coming out of it being like 'who am I post Elena Gilbert? who am I, what do I believe in? what's next for me?' And so it kind of just lined up perfectly with what Katherine was going through and they both kind of needed each other in this moment and we just personally as writers like their on-screen chemistry because there's something very dangerous about Katherine and also sort of vulnerable when she's around Stefan. We were just kind of looking forward to it but we really wanted to make it feel earned, and we think we got there.

TVF: Now that Katherine has killed Gregor, are we finished with the Travelers, or will we learn more about that story and Katerina's beginnings?

CD: We're done with Matt/Gregor story, but we've introduced the Travelers and we're going to kind of pepper them in throughout the rest of the season leading toward the finale and explain why they've existed this season and why we're just hearing about them now. So once we kind of finish learning about Augustine and Whitmore and Damon's backstory we're going to open the door to the Traveler mythology. So we're not done with them yet.

TVF: What brings Klaus back to Mystic Falls and how long will he be sticking around?

CD: I've read stuff on the internet that Klaus is coming back, but that's neither confirmed or denied over here. It's Mystic Falls so anything is possible, but nothing is set in stone.

The Vampire Diaries airs tonight at 8/7C on The CW. Head back over here after the episode for our TV Fanatic review.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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