Beauty and the Beast Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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What's happening on Beauty and the Beast Season 2?

Now seems like a perfect time to take stock of The CW drama, so sit back, read through our analysis below and then weigh in with your own grade...


Best Episode: The Thanksgiving episode was fantastic. There’s no doubt many of you are going to be unhappy that I can choose any episode as the best, but Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 7 was just brilliant in moving things along. Cat finally learned her dad was the bad guy, but she also saw Vincent kissing Tori. It wasn't the best holiday for her, but J.T. had a lovely time with Tess. There were unexpected kisses, explosions, bombshells of all sorts. It was well worth the wait.

Vincent vs. Cat

Best Character: Vincent. Even after he was taken hostage and his physiology was mucked with again, he still didn't lose all faith in humanity. Despite Cat’s constant prodding for him to be someone he didn't remember, he didn't completely push her away. Given his beastly state, it would have been easy for him to do. He has been trying to be all things to all people, but the obstacles before him have been too steep for him to win.

Most Surprising Development: I never imagined there would be a female beast, and I like the concept. It’s a shame she’s a red head, as it brings up nasty memories of Vincent’s ex. If you put yourself in her shoes, with new-found powers and a hot guy who is the only other person like you, you’d fight to be by his side, too. Admit it.

Most Likely to Entertain: It took a long time before we were treated to any on-screen time with Tess and J.T., but when it finally happened, it didn't disappoint. The makings of a fun duo were always there, but until the Best Episode, we were left wanting during Beauty and the Beast Season 2. The Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 9 photo preview looks like we’re in for more of this entertaining duo.

Strangest Development: Let’s be honest, Joe was kicked off the force because he didn't do his job, and Gabe was tasked to tie up loose ends with all the unsolved cases that Joe let slide. If that’s the case, why doesn't anyone do any police work anymore? It’s nice that we’re focusing on the beast story, but viewers aren't so shallow that we don’t understand there are other things going on in the lives of the characters. It’s plain weird.

Worst Story: There was a great opportunity during Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 5 to get to know some of Cat’s and Vincent’s old friends. Cat had a high school reunion and Vincent learned an old high school friend and fellow Afghanistan soldier and beast was still breathing. They turned out to be fly-by-night stories instead of meatier fare.

Overall Grade: B  I'm really enjoying the new dynamic, even if I miss the steamy kisses between Cat and Vincent. To expect them to be together without problems so soon into the series was unrealistic, and that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Putting their love to the test will make it last.  

Hopes for 2014: I’d like to see more Tess and J.T. They are so enjoyable. Perhaps by seeing them together, their friends VinCat will remember what it was they loved about each other. Cat and Vincent need to be apart for a while to remember why are so good together, and to get to know each other again. Cat needs to meet the new Vincent, and stop pining for the man she loved before her father took him away. I want everyone to stick with the show so we have a couple to root for. Have faith!

It’s your turn. Grade Beauty and the Beast Season 2 now:

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