Beauty and the Beast Photo Preview: How Far Will Vincent Go?

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The CW has come out with new photos from an upcoming episode of Beauty and the Beast.

Titled "Held Hostage," the installment will find a team of criminals who target a rare necklace that Tori happens to possess. When things go horribly wrong, look for a hostage situation to break out at the precinct.

With Cat, Tori and Tess all in danger on Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 11, will that leave Vincent to rescue them? And is there anything Vincent wouldn't do, including exposing his true identity to the entire precinct, if it meant saving Cat's life?

Check out these preview photos to see what's coming up on "Held Hostage," airing Monday, January 27 on The CW.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cat: Um. OK. Did I miss my window? I mean, recently you put it out there that you feel like there's more between us but...
Gabe: I have and there is. It's just, you seem like you're...
Cat: What? Is this because I brought in that paper? I'm not jealous. I am over Vincent. I can't believe I was ever with somebody like that. I mean last week he chose a necklace over a human life. He's unrecognizable.
Gabe: I was gonna say it seems like you have some unresolved anger.

And your place in all this? Your mother? She corrupted my DNA. Your father? He wiped my memory and then tried to obliterate me and now there's some woman in the 1800s who had this jewel that fits into a beast leash.