Being Human: Watch Season 4 Episode 3 Online

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On Being Human Season 4 Episode 3 Sally continues to build upon her powers, Josh returns to work and Aidan finds out his son Kenny is alive.

Sally continues to dabble in the occult with Donna's book of spells until something happens that propels her to the next level. What will she be able to do with all of her newfound knowledge?

Josh tries to go back to work, but the wolf is working against him. When he tries to calm the wolf by going for a run, he discovers new things about himself and even Aidan is shocked at its meaning.

Kenny finally reveals himself to his father in the hopes the two can work together as father and son to run Boston. Aidan has different plans, and Kenny is disappointed. How disappointed is what Aidan has to find out. What other secrets has Kenny been holding back?

When things go desperately wrong, Aidan doesn't abandon Kenny and is surprised to learn someone he knows may be working to sabotage things.

Find out who it may be and what other developments happen when you watch Being human online!

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Josh: Seriously, when's the administration going to catch on that you, me and Nora are like the worst nurses ever. Between the three of use we've taken like a combined 18 months leave in the last two years.
Aidan: Are you serious?
Josh: Yeah, thank God there's a nursing crisis in this country.

Josh: You know I love that we have the kind of relationship that we can discuss menses first thing in the morning, but when your pupils roll back into your face and you're growling...
Sally: Just resting my eyes...
Josh: Yes, but it's terrifying when you rest your eyes, so...