Bones Review: 12 Bikini Clad Scientists

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After two rather emotional installments, Bones Season 9 Episode 14 was a run-of-the-mill Bones with an interesting case and Brennan being... Brennan.

It was light and airy and nobody was sad or dying of cancer. Brennan was prickly with jealousy, although she wouldn't admit it, and brimming with hubris, but it made for a fun hour overall.

The most fun was had as Brennan interacted with Dr. Filmore. He's been around before, if not lately. Brennan doesn't care for him because he's a podiatrist and therefore isn't familiar enough with as many of the bones as she'd like. Her mood was such that she just said straight out that seeing him wasn't a pleasure at all and they continued thereafter to go toe to toe with their verbal barbs. 

Filmore: You know, in Canada we have a saying. Wait your turn. If you are truly deserving, an honor will eventually come to you.
Brennan: That's why I don't live in Canada.

Good old Canadian jokes at the root of it all, too! The best was that by the end of his time with her, Filmore had decided he was too good to clean bones, and he just took off while she was a bit dumbfounded.

As she was up on her high "I know more bones than you do and my nickname is Bones" horse, Brennan was also a little put out that Cam was being considered for the Outstanding Women of Science in Science Monthly magazine. After worrying about it and some consideration, Cam decided to contact the magazine to tell them she wouldn't accept unless they would also honor Brennan and Angela.

Who doesn't want to see the Outstanding Women of Science calendar? Bikinis with famous scientists on the breasts was just a kick, and it was just perfect that Brennan would rather show some skin than let three lesser scientists get the honor of posing half naked. 

The case of the week was fun, too, because Sweets got to be the lead nerd on the case. It was really wonderful seeing how far he's come when he was interrogating the suspect. Granted, he was in his element because the case revolved around something with which he was very familiar -- chess. 

Given the adrenaline rush he had from winning so many games (matches?), he was really on task when questioning Tim and didn't miss a beat. Yet, it also felt right when Booth suggested that it didn't have to be a man-on-man fight and it was time to bring in the platoon.

There was a message in the show, buried in the fun, that winning and being on your own is great. But so is playing the game, and being part of a team. Everything matters as long as you get out there and give it a try. 

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Bones Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Brennan: What are you writing now?
Filmore: Just an observation that Americans are hubristic and Canadians must deal with this challenge in future cooperative ventures.

Filmore: You know, in Canada we have a saying. Wait your turn. If you are truly deserving, an honor will eventually come to you.
Brennan: That's why I don't live in Canada.