Castle Q&A: Seamus & Juliana Dever on Baby Ryan, Playing an Epic Couple and More

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On January 6, Castle returns with murder, arson and a brand new bouncing baby Ryan.

In anticipation of the 2014 premiere, TV Fanatic jumped on the phone with both Seamus and Juliana Dever, the husband and wife team who portray Kevin and Jenny Ryan, respectively, to discuss why Kevin may miss the birth of his child and whether or not we can expect more Ryan babies in the future...


It sounds as though Jenny's due date has been moved up to January 6th and the spoilers for Castle Season 6 Episode 11 say that Ryan may not make the delivery. 

Juliana: It's far more dramatic than you might expect. It's one of those things where Kevin and Jenny have always planned that Kevin will be there with her in the hospital when this happens. It turns out that he gets trapped in a burning building with Esposito and Jenny rushes, in labor to be by his side rather than go to the hospital. So there's a great concern about whether Kevin is going to be there for the delivery, but even bigger is will he even be there to see his child.

With all the drama in their lives, does Jenny ever resent that Kevin's job puts him in such danger?

Juliana: I don't know that it's resent. She's known from the beginning that she was dating a detective and that there was always peril involved with that. So she kind of knew what she was getting in to. But as everybody saw in "The Wild Rover" (Castle Season 5 Episode 18) when he had to go undercover and leave her alone for however long that was. That was a really tough time for both of them. I think she knows it kind of comes with the territory. She sometimes wishes he was not in so much danger but I think she knows what she's in for. 

Seamus, do you think Ryan finally feels as though he's ready to be a Dad?

Seamus: I hope so. After a lot of practice and after a lot of wrangling and probably annoying everybody at work with his concerns, I think he's ready at this point. They had a nice discussion the last episode (Castle Season 6 Episode 10) with Esposito about how at least he's there and Esposito's dad was never there. That sort of thing. So, Ryan's trying. There's probably going to be bumps in the road but I think that he's pretty much ready. 

Will we be seeing more of Jenny this season?

Juliana: We never know until it happens but we hope so. We've got a baby to raise. That's if Kevin makes it out alive... so there's that wrinkle. 

After all of this do you think the Ryans will have more children?

Juliana: Assuming that there's a Kevin around, they are an Irish Catholic family. I would assume they wouldn't just have an only child. I'm sure they're looking to add a couple of children to their family.

Seamus: Every Irish Catholic family we know has at least four kids so maybe it's possible.

If you could play one famous couple together, who would it be?

Seamus: Oh Wow. Good question. Who would it be?

Juliana: You know we haven't spent a lot of time playing that game.

Seamus: I don't know. Would it be….Napoleon and Josephine or…

Juliana: Anthony and Cleopatra.

Seamus: Maybe one of those sorts of things.

Juliana: Something historical and epic!

Seamus: Yeah, it would definitely be historical and epic.

Juliana: And complicated. 

Seamus: And beyond that we're going to have to think about it.

Juliana, how exactly did you end up being a part of the Castle family?

Juliana: Seamus has been there from the start and the rumors are true. Everyone that works on Castle, it's a pretty tight knit group. It's a real family. As soon as he was there, I was there kind of getting to know everybody and getting to love everybody and vice versa, I hope? But I auditioned for several roles and at the time that Kevin started talking about his girlfriend. Seamus brought that up and lobbied for that.

They wanted to write something for me where I didn't just have one episode, where I showed up as a lawyer and that was it. They wanted something where I could continue to recur. It kind of was that perfect idea of that if he's going to have a girlfriend why not make that the character that Juliana is part of.  So they kind of brought me in and I've been his girlfriend, fiancee, wife, ever since. 

Juliana, is there someone on the show that you really haven't had the chance to interact with that you'd like to share more scenes?

Seamus: Juliana was just saying how it's been kind of fun. That you get to do some stuff with Lanie, or with Tamala. There's not been much interaction with her so that was kind of fun.

Juliana  I mean so often when I come on it's just usually Seamus and I in the precinct so I'm always with Stana and Nathan and Jon. "The Wild Rover" was actually fantastic because it was the first time I had a scene that didn't involve Seamus at all. I was like, I'm going to work, babe. Going to work on Castle. And he was like, I'll stay home with the dogs. It was fun and it was wonderful and I think the fans loved that as well that there was a little bit more girl power at the time. But this time, I was loving it.

I virtually had no scenes whatsoever with Seamus. We had different work hours and I got to spend a lot of quality time with Tamala which is always a joy and of course some time with Stana and Nathan. That in itself was great. If I had more time I would love to spend it…I think I saw everyone but Susan Sullivan. I dearly love Susan. She's always telling me she's adopting me but I haven't gotten my papers yet.

Seamus: Yeah, they're in the mail, I think.

You mentioned your dogs and I know you are both big supporters of animal rescue. How did you get involved with that?

Juliana: Our very first dog, I think it was some sort of weird, cosmic thing where one day we decided we wanted a dog but we didn't know if we could commit. So we thought we'd foster. Out of the blue I called someone just to see if she wanted me to watch her dog and she was like, it's so weird that you called because my partner actually just sprung a dog today and they have no where for it to go.

So I called a complete stranger and said I think I'd like to foster this dog. And it was just meant to be. He was just a curmudgeonly little street dog who needed a home and we didn't want him to spend his senior years trying to get adopted out when he was apparently enjoying our place. So that's how it all started. With our little guy, George and we haven't looked back. He passed away in 2009 and we rescued another dog pretty quickly after that. We still have two rescued dogs with us right now. 

Seamus, your Twitter fans want to know,  where did your tie knot obsession come from?

Seamus: It's out of boredom. Most things in my life grow out of boredom of doing that same thing over and over and I look for something different. Except for marriage. Marriage is awesome. I'm a one woman guy. But my knots, I just got bored of tying a Windsor and I thought there's got to be other ways. It turns out that there's 87 other ways to tie a tie. So I did some research and I think on the show I've managed to get about 20 out. After a while though they start getting repetitive and you realize that even though there's 87 different ways there's really only 3 different ways to tie a tie and the rest are just variations. Yeah, it's just boredom. 

Anything else you can tease us about going into the rest of the season?

Seamus: We're about to head into our annual two-parter and I hope that I have something to do with that because they're always a lot of fun and the stakes are always really high. So we'll see what happens with that and hopefully for the rest of the year we'll find out a little bit more about Ryan being a father and we'll see some more of Jenny around. 

Castle returns Monday, January 6 on ABC. Watch Castle online before then in order to catch up.

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