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Alexis and Pi made their first appearance in weeks on Castle Season 6 Episode 13 - but did seeing them make fans happy?

TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Robin Harry, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined below by Mary Lou from the Castle Fan Board the 12th to debate whether anyone will miss Pi and is Alexis in need of redemption.

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What did you think of the return of Pi and will you miss him if he's gone for good?

Chandel: I thought it was about time because I wondered where he wandered off to, but I don't think it will crush me if I never see him again.

Robin: I completely forgot about Pi, to be honest.  I was surprised at how well he was getting along with Castle.  I won't miss him at all. 

Jim: Honestly, I had totally forgotten about him, which pretty much answers the question if missing him if he is gone for good. 

Mary Lou:  I think it was time for them to wrap up this story line.  I was surprised that it was Pi at the door.  We've had no mention of him for quite a while now.  Based on how I've not missed him at all, I will not miss him if he's gone for good.

Christine: A knock at the door at 6:45am. Who else could it be? Although I give credit to actor Myko Olivier for his portrayal of this quirky character, I real never felt any love for Pi so no. If this is the end of his story, I won't miss him.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Has Alexis' change of heart concerning moving in with Pi redeemed her? Did she need redemption?

Chandel: I don't think she needed redemption, she just realized she needed to make a change that would make things good for her, which I totally stand behind.

Robin: I think what would redeem her is honestly realizing how terribly she treated her father. However, it was great hearing her realize that she's made a mistake.  

Jim: No redemption was needed, she just needed a dose of reality and moving in with Pi did that. Alexis has always had a good head on her shoulders.

Mary Lou: I never thought that Alexis needed redemption.  She was trying out her wings and has learned from her mistake.  I've kind of felt all along that this "change of heart" moment would come and she would see the error of her ways.

Christine: I've always loved Alexis but I'm still having trouble getting over the way she treated her father earlier in the season. I'm glad she realized that moving in with Pi was a mistake (and one she had every right to make) but I'd like to see her and and Castle have a conversation about it where she doesn't shut him out or treat him like the bad guy.

Were you expecting more drama over the article in the paper?

Chandel: I actually was, if only for the purpose of some more comedy between them. It wasn't enough to ruin the episode that it wasn't a major feature, though.

Robin: I was...but I'm happier with this by far. It's great that Beckett can tease Castle about the rumors and trusts him completely.  I love them more and more as a couple with each episode.

Jim: The previews made it seem like it was a bigger deal than it turned out to be. But I thought in relation to the main story it was fine. 

Mary Lou: No, I wasn't expecting a big scene.  Kate trusts Castle more now that they're engaged.  There's a security that comes with that.  Things that used to bother her don't seem to anymore.  Like Kate said, "It doesn't bother me because it's not true."

Christine: I loved that Kate and Castle have gotten to a place where she no longer doubts him but I was expecting a lot more fun from the article in the paper. Even Kate placing the engagement announcement in the paper at the end fell a little flat for me. 

Did anything disappoint you about this episode?

Chandel: Well I had been teased that the article would play what I thought was a bigger role. But I have to say I was disappointed by the episode only because I was able to guess it was her mom who caused the drama and eventually the crime to be committed.

Robin: Nope - I liked everything about this episode. The case was interesting enough, the precinct was fun, and we got some lovely Beckett/Castle scenes.  Chandel -  I've learned to ignore the promo videos - they're always deliberately misleading!  

Jim: Not really, I enjoyed the case and we got to see Kate and Rick being a little romantic at the end. 

Mary Lou: While I would have loved to see Kate tell Castle that she was fine with announcing their engagement, it was cute the way she surprised him.  I was not disappointed in the episode.

Christine: I guess it was just me. I was hoping for more to come of that newspaper article. I guess I was hoping for the run of "The Third Man" and it never quite achieved that. But honestly, the last four episodes were so incredibly good that it's not surprising to hit on an hour that didn't quite measure up. 

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Chandel: When Kate admitted that she was the one who put their announcement in the paper and how Espo and Ryan were in the middle of their moment and had to be prompted to leave. Cute and classic.

Robin: I loved the last scene -  I love how Beckett is just so open, happy and touchy-feely with Castle, putting his arms around herself. Also, I could not stop laughing at the stupid grins on Esposito and Ryan's faces!

Jim: I really enjoyed Alexis unloading on Mandy. It was good to see talkative Alexis again!

Mary Lou:  My favorite scene was the morning scene at the loft.  There was an openness and trust in the conversation that I just loved seeing.  Castle could see Kate's point of view and she wasn't bothered by the article because she knew it wasn't true.  The playfulness in Kate's comment about torturing Castle with it was cute.  

Christine: Kate getting the phone call from her father and having to reassure him that she and Rick were still engaged. And then hearing that Aunt Theresa posted the offending article on her Facebook page. That sounds like something someone in my family would do!

Your turn TV Fanatics. Give your grade for Castle Season 6 Episode 13, "Limelight"

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