Chicago Fire Review: The Blackout

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When the power went out, and the lights went dark, the criminals came out to play in Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 13.

The installment did an excellent job of propelling the story forward for Chicago PD tomorrow, as Katie was kidnapped by the same men who were out to get Kelly for shaming them in Station 51.

Good on Kelly for doing something; it’s unfortunate that they would rather resort to going after Kelly than realizing that he did them a favor since murder is frowned upon.

But with Katie’s kidnapping comes some big upcoming decisions for her. We’re still unsure if she wanted to go to New York while she was having some fun with Otis in the firehouse. After being abducted, she may want to move as far away from everyone as possible to avoid the fire department, Otis, Kelly, and anything else Chicago and kidnapping related.

New York could be the perfect escape route for her.

Casey, after saving Severide from a wrench whacking and getting conked on the head, is now bleeding out of an ear. I’m not a doctor, but I can only assume that recent brain surgery combined with some new head trauma is a recipe for disaster. It’s really time for him to fess up with what’s going on with him.

Pretending his problems don’t exist won’t make them go away either. If Casey doesn’t want to tell Dawson to keep her focused on the academy, he needs to tell someone: Shay, Rafferty, Boden, his family. Someone that can talk some sense.

Dawson’s interactions with Rafferty and being paramedic for the day makes one wonder if she really wants to be a firefighter. She’s got the textbook smarts for it, but according to Kelly she’s not going to graduate if her times don’t improve out in the field.

Dawson lending a hand during the blackout in the ambulance is completely within character for her, but it still makes me wonder if it’s not a mask for something else.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Boden getting his romance on, and getting equal payback from Otis is priceless.
  • Was that some chemistry I saw between Lindsay and Severide? How hard would it be to do a romance between two shows?
  • Clarke helping the owner of the store - the poor guy is almost always put in harms way, and yet he perseveres and comes out ahead. He’s a solid addition to 51.
  • With Shay’s recent influx of cash into Molly’s, I’m glad they didn’t just take the money and run like last week portrays. Shay is now a fourth partner in Molly’s, and is making her voice heard by suggesting a Lesbian Night at the bar.

What do you think, TV Shay's Lesbian Night a good idea for Molly's?

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