Days of Our Lives: Look Who's Back!

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No one can say Days of Our Lives doesn't know how to do religious celebrations. The beautiful ceremony, the annoying family, the flashbacks of drownings and sex romps…and then that one guest who arrives late.

A Shocking Guest

I guess Nick had a pretty good excuse. Everyone thought he was dead.

I really didn't think they'd bring Nick back quite so soon but what a return it was. As Julie, Hope and Abby all looked thrilled, you could practically feel everyone else's hearts plummet. Because as bad as it was covering up his murder, having Nick Fallon alive is much, much worse. 

Their only hope is that the bump on the head caused a case of amnesia because if Nick remembers what happened, he's going to make everyone pay. 

But even before the doors opened, the christening was great fun as everyone except Abigail looked at Julie like she was the crazy old aunt in the family. If it weren't for the fact that she was right, I'd agree with EJ. I think she's watched a few too many Murder She Wrote reruns. 

Just getting to the church was a challenge as Kate and Sami had to hold Gabi together once again. Only in Salem do you need a pep talk before a baby's christening. Of course in this town, getting through a church ceremony resembles running an obstacle course with live ammo. It pays to move through it quickly and keep your head down. 

Thankfully there were plenty of sweet moments too. Will and Gabi acknowledged how truly blessed they were to be raising their beautiful daughter. Sami and Lucas looked almost content as they shared time with their grandchild.

And even Kate and Sami got along…"Sometimes I really like you. It's so disorienting."

Even funnier was Sami gushing about what a great role model Abby was and then pushing EJ to do whatever it took to shut her up once again.

If she only knew what she was asking…

I couldn't believe it when EJ asked Abby why she slept with him. What a great way to turn the tables. The man really is a master at manipulation.  

If there was any question as to why…it's because EJ is smoking hot and Abby can't seem to help herself. I'm almost surprised she didn't rip his clothes off right there in the church. 

Thankfully Nick's return made up for an otherwise lackluster week on Days as Eric and Nicole spent most of it in separate hospital beds, Brady got drunk once again, and Teresa worked her mediocre powers on Daniel. 

Teresa might want to take notes from Salem's newest bad girl in the making…Ciara Brady. I can't wait to hear more about what a terror Hope and Bo's little angel has become. 

So what do you think is Nick's plan now that he's back? And don't forget to check back this weekend for our Days of Our Lives round table

Now it's time to pick who had the best line of the week.

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I hope she didn't run away again. She's so fragile.


Tripp: So how was the wedding?
Claire: Oh, it was a typical Salem wedding. Crashed by a murderer.