Doctor Who First Look: Peter Capaldi in Costume

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You've seen him transform into Doctor Who.

You've seen him on set with Jenna Coleman.

But you haven't seen Peter Capaldi in full-on Doctor garb... until now!

BBC America has released the first official promotional photo of Capaldi as the twelfth doctor, giving us a look at the Time Lord's fresh dudes.

"He's woven the future from the cloth of the past," Capaldi says of the costume. "Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.”

Peter Capaldi is The Doctor

Adds executive producer Steven Moffat added: “New Doctor, new era, and of course new clothes. Monsters of the universe, the vacation is over - Capaldi is suited and booted and coming to get you!”

Watch Doctor Who online to see how Matt Smith bid farewell and prepare for Capaldi to take over for good when new episodes air later this year.

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Doctor Who Quotes

Only in darkness are we revealed. [...] Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis. This is what *he* believes, and this is the reason above all I love him, my husband. My madman in a box. My Doctor.

Nardole [quoting River Song]

Gallifreyan Soldier: There was a saying, sir, in the Time War.
Lord President Rassilon: A saying?!
Gallifreyan Soldier: First thing you notice about the Doctor of War is that he is unarmed. For many, it's also the last.