Downton Abbey Review: It's Not Over

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Yes, Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 4 was yet another less-than-thrilling installment in a rather lackluster season.

In previous seasons, I'd be grabbing for the remote with anticipation of what was to come from the residents of Downton, both upstairs and downstairs... but there is hardly much to look forward to here, is there?

There is no romance, very little humor, a lack of hijinks and what thrills there are come from the after effects of a rape and possibly another lost beau of Edith's.

Not a lot of fun to be had there!

It was big news when electrical appliances started infiltrating Downton. I'm surprised Mrs. Patmore didn't have another panic attack at the news there would be no more ice delivery because she would be keeping her food cold in a refrigerator. She must have a liking for the iceman. 

The stories in the kitchen are a drag. It's nice that Alfred tried to become a chef, but I wish he would have made the grade. Alfred and Jimmy (or James, if we're feeling grand) being the apple of the gals' eyes, and Daisy being adored by none while Ivy is wooed by both no longer holds any appeal.

It was very quick, but did you see where Edith went when she was in London? A doctor. The pregnancy is seeming more like a reality, isn't it? It's interesting to note that rail travel was at its height in England in the 1920s, which would be why they're taking so many short trips back and forth from Yorkshire to London. 

The growth between the partnership between Robert and Mary, in conjunction with Tom and bringing in the idea that they were also partnering with their tenants was a nice development and something that Matthew would have approved of, despite the loan that Robert had to give to make it happen. 

I do hope Tom doesn't head to the U.S. anytime soon, but it would be in perfect form for his character to do so, and in that case, I approve.

Violet got to play a bit with Isobel this week and at least got one good line in, but her absence overall this season has been noticed. It's not just her magical touch that's been removed, but the sparkle has gone out of the series all together. I can't put my finger on it. If someone has an explanation, I'm all ears.

The big story of the night was Bates' decision to approach Mrs. Hughes about Anna. He put her on the spot. He suggested she either tell him what has been going on or he would put in his resignation so that his dear Anna need never see his face again if it causes her so much pain. 

Naturally, Mrs. Hughes caved and gave him at least the truth about the event as it happened to Anna, if not by whom. The poor lady swore on her mother's grave that it wasn't Mrs. Green to try to keep Anna's word and still keep her husband at Downton, but in the end he made it clear that he was not going to let the topic go gently into the night.

Sadly, Bates didn't understand Anna's decision not to tell him about it was two fold. First it was because she was ashamed and she felt spoiled, but second and more importantly she worried that he would kill the person who did it and she would lose him forever. 

Losing her husband to a life of unhappiness was more acceptable to her than losing him to a hanging. I can't help but think if Anna had shared what happened with more people she would have been able to gather the support necessary to make him see more than red. Perhaps after a little time, he will see things more clearly and let it go, after he has had her back in his arms again and realizes what it means to be happily married to his Anna.

Do you think Bates will be able to let it go without killing whoever raped Anna?

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