Grimm Review: Meeting the Fuchsbau

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Manticores, looking like something I would fight against in a Final Fantasy game, came to Portland seeking vengeance in Grimm Season 3 Episode 11.

The Manticore

The case with the manticores was pretty average. There’s really not much to talk about.

Frankie getting gang raped during the war and watching it be brushed aside and completely ignored is a terrible tragedy, and at least her CO hatched a plan to make them pay for their crimes in his final moments. It was a pretty cool plot twist that McCabe was also a Manticore with his own agenda for keeping his buddies quiet, though.

Rosalle taking Monroe along to meet her family was the stronger part of the installment. Rosalee’s quips about her sister were fantastic. To wit:

A bottle of wine would be nice for my mom, and a quart of Jack Daniels for the martyr.


But even with the zingers, the family dinner was fraught with baggage - and seeing Rosalee bring to light some of the emotions that linger with her over her father’s death help shaped her character better.

Rosale has always been a strong and fearless woman who recognizes the sins of her past and has learned and moved on from them... but to see her still torn up about being in jail during her father’s passing was very hard for her.

These feelings that bring Rosalee pain also bring about the human side of her. Although we see her as human more than a Fuchsbau in the back of the mind, there’s still this idea of difference and not quite human enough, and it’s a idea Grimm doesn’t always put enough time towards with the core Wesen characters.

It's great to be reminded that they truly are human with human emotions, dealing with those emotions and struggles in much the same way. 

However, the resolution between Rosalee and her sister felt a bit rushed. It's understandable the mother would come around so quickly, but there are some things that had to be dealt with between the sisters; yet everything moved on from it quickly.

Finally, Adalind continued doing whatever it is she is doing in Vienna. I’m curious if her powers are coming back, or her baby’s powers are manifesting since the baby is half Hexenbiest. It’s yet another rushed plot point tonight: blow some lights, do a little magic, and the messenger reports back to Renard.

Thanks for showing up, Adalind.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • So nice to see Kirk Acevedo again. Rest in peace Fringe!
  • Speaking of people showing up: hello Juliette! You didn’t get much to do aside from read from the Grimm-pedia. Can we get back to ass kicking and momma sleuthing Juliette now?
  • Yup, I did some Googling: I slayed some Manticores in Final Fantasy during my childhood.
  • Where's Zombie Nick been hiding lately?

Did this installment feel rushed from start to finish?

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

I don’t like that no fear of death things. It’s not healthy.


You know, I appreciate the spirit, but this is not an assault.