Grimm Review: The Maid in the Master with the Poisoned Vodka

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Grimm was ready to ring in the new year with Grimm Season 3 Episode 9.

But this installment, while having an interesting premise, ended up falling mostly flat.

Capt. Renard & Adalind

The case of the week was certainly an interesting one. A Russian Wesen healing people - in an attempt to make up for his past deeds - was interesting on paper, and, at times, I found myself engaged in his struggles while wondering who was trying to kill him (there was also a connection to Rasputin and the Russian healers, but my knowledge of Rasputin begins and ends with the animated movie Anastasia).

Honestly, his wife was my main suspect, and Grimm did a good job of keeping the suspicion on her until the very end. My money was never on the maid in the bedroom with the poisoned vodka.

Everything about the case became clear in those final moments.

The healer's wife was only ever looking out for him and the life they had created together; the maid was trying to find vengeance; and the healer himself saw a final opportunity to do good and not fight death anymore.

It's unfortunate that this episode decided to mar the case in so much mystery and missed opportunity. I felt so in the dark at times that I nearly wanted to tune out.

Thankfully, this installment was packed with smaller subplots that are shaping up to be very entertaining. Juliette’s friend, Alicia (who knew Juliette had friends?), is leaving her abusive husband Joe. The interesting twist stems from both of them being Wesen - and the questions that arise from it.

Grimm Season 3 has placed more emphasis on the Wesen world and the rules they abide by than any other season, and I’m curious to see if this case of domestic violence between Joe and Alicia is going to continue those themes. Do Wesen handle domestic violence in a different manner than humans do? Moreover, is Alicia’s situation a way to get Juliette into our good graces since her character has been mostly tolerable at best?

Nick hasn’t even shared this information with Juliette. And Alicia doesn’t know Nick is a Grimm.

Renard’s trip to Vienna ended with his meeting with Adalind. The show is still coy on settling whether or not Renard is the father of the baby, but the baby’s father is not the most important aspect of the story right now.

Renard is just trying to court Adalind to his ranks, and he’s using whatever leverage he can to gain leverage later. He hit Adalind right at her core regarding friends and friendship. Part of this hellish nightmare Adalind is enduring to gain her powers back is in part due to Adalind wanting to feel a sense of community and self worth again. She never saw herself as someone who amounted to anything without her powers, and she wasn’t about to try after losing them.

Three More Thoughts:

  • Hank and his physical therapist are very cute together. I’m all for seeing more of them and where they go.
  • That cold decontamination shower was just about the hottest thing ever... I’m going to need a cold shower now. Of course, it’s the one time Renard didn’t tag along on this case, but at least he spoke Russian.
  • The opening was quite the callback to the pilot. If only Sweet Dreams was playing.

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