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Is the future of technology in the humanization of computers? Or the computerization of man?

Intelligence examines one answer to that question. Gabriel, a man with a chip in his brain, is America's most important asset. He has the ability to search databases, use satellite feeds, surveillance footage and much more on the spot, in real time, and analyze it immediately.

An important national security asset indeed.

On Intelligence Season 1 Episode 1, the show introduced the characters, the technology and the threats that are out there in an engaging, intense manner. The only slower spots were when characters started explaining those things; for example the seemingly never-ending walk and talk between Lillian and Riley.

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The idea of a man with the power of a computer in his brain isn't entirely new, but Intelligence offers a new, fresh, and realistic feel to the story. I never felt like I was watching something futuristic, instead Gabriel felt like someone that could exist in today's reality. Whether that technology or anything remotely close is feasible, I'm not sure, but it felt real.

The chip doesn't give him physical superpowers or allow him to learn and retain information, he's just a guy with access to incredible data mining abilities. His physical abilities come from being Delta Force Tier 1 and serving five tours of duty. Even without the chip, he would be an incredible asset for the country.

The Intelligence pilot effectively introduced the characters and in a way that made me instantly like them and want to see them interact together as a team. The moment that Gabriel and Riley met their chemistry was unmistakable. Not in a romantic way (I hope they don't go there). Instead, they immediately knew how to get to the other. It's a partnership that started with a power struggle and hilarious banter.

The joke about who saved whose life started serious, but developed into a bonding moment for them. Lillian was right, they need each other. When Gabriel gave Riley $20 and said it was for "the next time." Their partnership solidified and they were on the move. Though, it was Riley who made the first move when she sided with Gabriel over Lillian. Her "Well, hell with that," was perfect.

One of the more intriguing threads of the story involves Gabriel's missing and presumed dead wife, Amelia. She was a CIA agent who the government believes became a traitor and helped terrorists. He's determined to find her and will use the chip to do it. At first, Lillian appeared to buy the government's version of events.

When captured by the Chinese, Riley said she would help Gabriel find Amelia. I find Amelia's story to be an interesting addition to the story. Ultimately, it became clear that Lillian actually sides with Gabriel. She traded the disavowed Chinese agent for information about Amelia and then gave Gabriel and Riley the room needed to investigate the lead.

In one episode, I became invested in her story and what happened to her. I wanted Gabriel's faith in her to be right. With the other threats out there, it will be intriguing to find out if the lead on her is fruitful or not. Regardless, I want to know more about her and what she's been doing for the last five years.

Another outstanding thread is the second chip. The Chinese woman woke up! She's sure to play a role going forward. If her chip is more advanced than Gabriel's what does that mean for him and America's national security? They could end up being foes and face off, but that seems too obvious. We'll have to wait and see what comes next for her and where her allegiances will end up.

Overall, I'm looking forward to watching these characters develop as a team while saving the world. The fight scenes and gun fights add to the thrill of the hour. My favorite moment had to be when Gabriel helped Cassidy target and shoot the sniper rifle. I had no clue what was happening at first. A bit of intrigue and a unique way to put Gabriel's chip to work. And, he saved Riley's life!

Dr Cassidy set the tone for the show early in the episode when he said, "Technology is not revolutionary. It's evolutionary."

Will you be back for more Intelligence?

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Intelligence Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Technology is not revolutionary. It's evolutionary. I like that.

Dr. Cassidy

Director Strand: You think protecting the President is more important.
Riley: Respectfully, Ma'am, it is more important.
Director Strand: Funny, he didn't think so.