Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Love ShAck Baby"

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Welcome to the Love ShAck, or what will be known as theĀ Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 15 Round Table.

Get cozy and prepare to spill on EzrA'sĀ behavior, Hanna's breakup and why everyone can't just tell the truth all ready!

Join regular ShAck participants and staff writers Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica in this exciting discussion by placing your own answers in the comments. It's not as much fun if you don't play with us!


Does it seem like EzrA is getting sloppy or desperate?

Nick: Neither. He's using his position to gain information, and since everyone still thinks he's a good, trustworthy guy he's leveraging that as much as possible. The sloppiness/desperateness in my book comes from the fact that the show is making him super creepy and lurking awkwardly behind a window.

Leigh: I think Ezra's getting a little bit desperate now that the girls have found his lair and that journal, it just means they are getting closer. You can tell he's freaking out a bit. He would never normally risk getting that close. Or maybe he would and we just didn't know it was him back then...

Teresa: Desperate to find Alison I believe. He's played things really cool to lure Ali in and now he's ready to just find her already.

Carissa: I don't think he ever gave the Liars enough credit. He never imagined they'd find his lair, that he'd have to pack it up and move. He's shaken up. I like it.

PLL RT - depreciated -

Does EzrA have someone else working with him now, or is he on his own?

Nick: I always think A has a "team" in the sense that if no one is directly working with A, then A will manipulate and work people over for the information they need -- like EzrA did with cabin and the diary. There are just too many people to keep track of for one person to truly do so alone.

Leigh: Definitely has a team. I'm guessing whoever called Ashley Marin with that laundry list of random complaints to keep her on the phone was working for him. Cece Drake was mentioned, I wouldn't be surprised if she was involved. A has a payroll, for sure. My friends Liz and Julie have a theory that Mrs. DiLaurentis is involved. I'm not sure how but she's definitely a little bit crazy, so I wouldn't be entirely shocked.

Teresa: It seemed like he was working alone. Why else would he take the time to quickly search Hanna's room if he could have one of his A-minions do it? The whole thing really makes me question who was working for whom in the last few seasons. It doesn't make any sense and no one has explained. Toby was an A, but he was working for Mona? Mona seemed to be working alone, but then she got involved with Red Coat. Red Coat could have been Alison or CeCe. Was anyone working for Ezra or was it just Ali the whole time????

Carissa: I'm kind of with Teresa on this one. I think he's working alone. All of the other stuff has been more random. I wonder if Ezra might have taken the A moniker after learning from Aria that someone else was using it to harass the girls. There are so many different factions trying to get so many different pieces of information. It's crazy!

What do you think of diary so far? What do you think Ali called Spencer and Emily?

Nick: It's just more proof of how much of a bitch Ali was. The biggest moment of the journal is the dream Emily has about it with Alison. It's damn near close to a confirmation of the twin theory. Ali probably calls Spencer Miss Know it All or something similar and Emily might have a name that touches on being a lesbian or being the athletic liar.

Leigh: I think the diary is going to tear the liars apart. When Hanna was being distant from everyone and shady about not wanting Aria to see the journal, I originally thought it was because she was getting vibes about Ezra being board shorts. As for Spencer and Emily, Ali definitely will say something about Emily being in love with her. As for Spencer, I secretly think she was kind of scared of Spencer and I still think there's something huge from the night of her disappearance that involves Spencer that we don't know.

Teresa: The diary seems like pretty standard Ali stuff. Not sure what she would have on Spencer and Emily, but I'm sure it had something to do with preppy clothes for Spence and lesbian tendencies for Emily.

Carissa: Agree with all of the above, especially about how much of a bitch Ali was. If anyone was questioning whether she was a true friend, they can stop now. She didn't think much of any of them, and even when she needs their help to stay alive she's still arrogant enough to think the horrendous things she said about them wouldn't matter because she's so fantastic. Talk about delusional. Maybe the twin theory will come to pass.

What did you think about how Hanna dealt with her breakup? It was really her episode all around.

Nick: Caleb is her first big breakup, and she's doing much better than I thought she would. Hanna's really become an all around strong woman this season, and, while she's heartbroken about Caleb, she's not letting the breakup consume every aspect of her life. She wants some alone time and privacy and nothing more except maybe some more answers from him. The biggest shock to me is Hanna having some fun time with Mike; that boy is gorgeous, so good on Hanna for making that move a few years ago. I wouldn't mind her rekindling that.

Leigh: As I said before, I got the wrong vibe about why she was hiding the journal but -- Go Hanna! Totally with Nick on how hot Mike is. I feel bad for her because I love Caleb and they were great together. She must know that it's not his love for her and that something else is going on, I just hope that she'll get more of an explanation. In the meantime, it looks like tow truck dude could be a cute distraction.

Teresa: Hanna is doing really well considering. She's not wearing her misery on her sleeve, but she is allowing herself to grieve the loss of Caleb.

Carissa: Agree with all, and will add how shocked I was to learn on Ravenswood that Caleb felt like his dad pushed him together with Hanna. I hope he never tells her that and that Hanna and Travis find bliss in spite of how long it took her to find her strength and self assurance.

Are you surprised at how many lies they still tell each other after learning how deeply they wound?

Nick: Not at all, lying is the best weapon Alison ever taught the ladies, and while the ladies may use the lies as a form of protection they never quite see the damage potential of them. It's one of the core themes of the show.

Leigh: Agree with Nick. Also it's called "Pretty Little Liars" so yeah of course they're still lying. There's also lying by omission and just keeping things private that might hurt someone else. We probably don't know how much we lie in our own everyday lives.

Teresa: Not really. Lies are necessary to keep this story going. They could have gone to the police once they found the A lair in Ravenswood, but they didn't. Plus, with parents like Spencer's dad, who can blame them for being so secretive?

Carissa: Shut up, Leigh! I never lie. I don't talk about you to Nick behind your back, either. Because we're not like that here... wait... what was the question?

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