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The latest Ravenswood episode made one thing clear about Mrs. Grunwald: she is very much in touch with the supernatural… and there's a reason why.

The character, first introduced on Pretty Little Liars, protects Collins and takes care of a funeral home. Oh, and she also have incredibly blue eyes.

Elsewhere, it's evident that Collins and Grunwald aren't the only ones who have this kind of supernatural connection. Dylan is working with Max, we know that. And Tess and Springer are also rather suspicious.

What was up with that scene toward the end? Did you catch it? Do you need to relive it?

Watch Ravenswood online now and chime in:

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Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You were gonna wish you were dead before this is over. And then, you’ll get your wish.

Jail Guy [to Luke]

Caleb: We’re the ones who are in danger. We’re marked.
Olivia: My father wasn’t marked and he was killed because of the pact.