Revolution Review: On The Border

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Revolution splintered into four distinct stories as it headed to Mexico, the White House, Oklahoma and back to Willoughby on Revolution Season 2 Episode 10.

South of the Border

Once again, Revolution Season 2 made a strong case for the stories to which it is building. The trip Miles, Monroe, and Rachel took down south to Mexico offered a glimpse into Monroe’s ideas of the future with Connor:

Monroe envisions the Monroe Republic back in action, he and Connor taking the reigns together. As much fun as Monroe is as a reluctant ally in the fight against the Republic, his blood runs strong and it’s not surprising to find out that he wants to restore his empire with his son at his side.

Still there’s some question of Monroe’s motives. For most of the season, he’s been pretty willing to tag along with everyone else and lend a helping hand (if begrudgingly)... so is being brought back together with his son igniting with Monroe a desire to give him what he once had or is Monroe merely spinning his wheels when he sees that his son is more like him and his republic days?

Whatever his reasons, Monroe is sadly not getting through to his son. Connor is willing to let Monroe go talk to his boss rather than relish in the dreams of his unknown father.

While Monroe’s attempt at a Hallmark ending wasn’t very successful, neither was his introduction. Monroe mouthing off to Connor about being the whitest kid in Mexico, failing to be impressed over how many men he leads was rather funny particularly as both Rachel and Miles began putting the pieces together.

Gene and Charlie in Willoughby and the chemically-laced oranges (bonus points if the patriots name them Agent Orange) was the oddest development. Nothing’s been revealed about the type of chemical in the oranges, but the speech Truman gave made me wonder if he wants to get the people addicted to the oranges or use them to help brainwash and expand the Patriots’ motives.

Tom, Julia and Jason’s family takeover of the White House is slowly coming to fruition. For once, though, it’s looking like Tom might be the biggest fool in the room when it comes to Julia.

Maybe she loves him, but she looks to be the biggest benefactor in this entire scheme by merely using what she has with Tom to her advantage. The two are clearly made for each other by their actions alone, but are their commonalities enough to bridge their marriage and family back together after everything that happened at the tower?

Julia’s moving on and looks to be climbing the social ladder without a thought to Tom. Karma might be ready to bite Tom back.

Finally, there’s Aaron. He really didn’t do very much, but his final scenes in the installment - as he jaded to Spring City in Oklahoma only to find Grace there - were interesting. Grace was one of the few who did not want to turn the power back on and I wonder if that is part of the reason why the nanites lead Aaron to her. Only time will tell.

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Revolution Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Well, congratulations, you've made to Mexico now go enjoy the Mexican Dream.


You brought my kid down here Miles? This is nice. What’d you do, buy him a handjob and an eight ball?