Shameless Review: Trying To Fill A Void

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Despite spending the first two episodes of the season immobile, Frank put a little pep in his step in order to impress his long lost daughter Sammi.

Yes, Shameless Season 4 Episode 3 introduced us to Frank's eldest spawn.

Of course, since this is Frank Gallagher we are discussing, he didn't just go an introduce himself by saying "hey sweetheart, it's me pops." First. he bribed some middle-schooler using a joint to punch his grandson in the face so that Frank could look like the doting protective stranger.

Not to be a complete jerk, but doesn't Chuck remind anyone else of the kid from Bad Santa?

So then Sammi thought Frank was this random good Samaritan and insisted on taking him to dinner. She was even more smitten when she found out she and Frank had so much in common. Gosh, can you imagine the odds of that?! Oh, wait, I can because they are actually father and daughter!

Sammi wants to give Frank her liver since they are the same blood type. The caveat here is that she wants to help him as a willing stranger who has an unexpectedly deep connection with this new man. She even tried to kiss him! So now what will Frank do, tell her he's actually her father? Sammi is going to peg him in the face with a dodgeball.

Carl is the only one trying to help Frank. Carl has always been a bit of a devil child so he doesn't exactly need help in the devious tricks department.

Get hard drugs, make daddy proud.

Frank [to Carl]

I wonder if the other children are starting to feel guilt watching Frank. I thought I saw a glimmer of it in Fiona's eye and I wonder how Lip and Ian would react if they were home. Every week that we watch Lip struggle to fit in and make it at school, I think he's just another step closer to coming home.

Sure, it's an amazing opportunity to get an education like that, but maybe it's just not for him.

Like it or not, Lip and Fiona are different. They are different because of the circumstances that life dealt them and the way they have been conditioned over the years. Part of it's the personalities they were born with and part of it's the environment they've been in for the past two decades. Their conversation on the phone might've been brief but it was very telling.

Lip didn't want to tell Fiona he was homesick, but he managed to say things were different. Fiona immediately understood what he meant, lamenting that everyday she puts on a pencil skirt, looks in the mirror and says "who are you?" The Gallaghers going legit is different for them. It's part of the reason Fiona has had those stupid, petty fights with Mike.

In Shameless Season 4 Episode 2, Mike was mad Fiona didn't tell him about the road rage incident. Why would she want to when he was bugging out over something as small as her calling him back? Fiona is sociable, smart and friendly, she can play the part well. But you know the second Mike's brother Robbie walked in with his laundry list of drama, she was intrigued.

I didn't think anything would happen so quickly until the three of them went to dinner and Mike got wasted. You could feel the tension. Especially Mike saying that Fiona gets wild and her kind of looking at him like "really dude, that's what you call wild?" Robbie is the Jimmy/Steve. He's the adventurous one, with a ton of vices, who screws up. He's the one Fiona is drawn to. And that kitchen counter romp certainly backed up my theory nicely.

We’re all addicts Fiona, trying to fill a void. Some of us are just better at hiding it, right?


So is Fiona headed down a bad road with Mike's brother? Is she going to give in to the old Fiona? If Emmy Rossum's interview on Chelsea Handler was any indication then yes, Fiona is about to go bad girl.

What do you think?

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Shameless Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sheila: Now what?
Debbie: Ask him if he’s DTF.
Sheila: DTF. What does that even mean?

Just when I think I’ve peeled the onion on Frank, bam another layer.