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We went inside the world of medical coverage on Shameless Season 4 Episode 2, as Carl gave the new doctor a real welcome on this Showtime hit.

Yes, with new money comes new responsibility for Fiona, while Carl… well… he masturbated in class.

But at least this family member still cares about Frank. He's all about keeping his dad alive, even if no one else close to him gives a damn anymore. Even Debbie bailed at the end of last season.

Frank's liver is failing and little Liam must sleep across from a father who is drinking alcohol from his rear end. That's both sad and disturbing.

What else went down on the latest installment? Watch Shameless online for the answer:

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Shameless Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Carl: Ew cankles.
Frank: Like a teenage lacrosse player on the rag retaining water.

You'll have to excuse him. Puberty has turned him into a barbarian.

Fiona [about Carl]