Supernatural Round Table: "First Born"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Supernatural Round Table.

From Castiel and Sam working as a team to the mythology of Cain, participants Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) had plenty to debate this week.

Pull up a virtual discussion and join in the debate of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 11 now...


What was your favorite scene from the installment?
Carissa: I didn't really have a favorite scene, but I enjoyed the entire romp of Dean and Crowley working together. Especially since everyone was so surprised that they would be and Dean was even tested with some holy water to the face to prove his authenticity. Finishing off the night with Crowley telling Dean nobody hates him more than he does was just beautiful.

Alice: I really loved Castiel’s refusal to let Sam sacrifice himself and his “PB&J” speech about both of them screwing up and how angels can change. It was a very human act. And the hug! I yelped.
However, if we’re going with favorite scene, it’s the one where Dean took on three demons by himself while Cain and Crowley casually watched. The fight choreography was gorgeous, and dammit, I miss the old ass kicking Dean Winchester. It was about 800 kinds of awesome.  We need more “fight night.”

Sean: I have to agree about Dean fighting the demons. It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a real good (and lengthy) fight scene, and Dean was enjoyable. Plus, it was great seeing Cain watch with a straight face while doing menial tasks. It was a definite breath of fresh air and plenty of entertaining fun.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Castiel and Sam working together?
Carissa: It wasn't as fun as Dean and Crowley, but it was nice to see Sam get to know Castiel a bit better since Dean had always been the one who worked with him in the past.

Alice: It’s about time we had an episode showing Castiel and Sam have some bonding time! Long overdue. I loved it because as Castiel so cleverly pointed out, they have a lot in common when it comes to feelings of guilt over the mistakes they’ve made. Having that human perspective helped Castiel relate more to Sam this time, probably more than he ever has.  The concept of human guilt is no longer lost on him. Our awkward angel has grown so much, hasn’t he? It finally earned him that hug!

Sean: It was definitely much quieter than Crowley and Dean, but it was a good to see them together. I feel like we rarely get to see those two partnered up, so this was a nice change of pace. Plus seeing Sam’s determination and Castiel’s assistance while divulging how humanity affected him was a nice touch.

Does Castiel know where Gadreel is or did the grace spell really not work?
Carissa: I thought the spell didn't work, and that's why he was going off to search for Metatron. There wasn't enough grace to get what he needed. He mentioned to Sam that they're going to need all the help they can get to find them both.

Alice: I think Castiel saw something. He may not have found Gadreel’s exact location, but he at least had to see that he was working with Metatron. Why else mention him? I can see where Castiel wouldn’t want to involve Sam in this mission. He cares for Sam and knows he’s been through enough. Being an angel and the fact that he was responsible for the angels falling, Castiel likely feels like he and he alone should be the one to fix all this. After all, he’s learned from the Winchesters!

Sean: I thought the spell didn’t work, but it does make me wonder if Castiel valuing humanity and life (and thus, Sam and Dean) might mean he would want to take on Gadreel on his own? If there is no hidden agenda, I would like that though, because it wasn’t a quick fix or convenient way to get the angel.

Was Cain a good addition to the mythology?
Carissa: He was alright. It was an interesting twist on the story, that Abel was talking to Lucifer and he made a deal to make sure Abel went to heaven by selling his soul to hell.

Alice: Yes! Love him, and given the parallels with Sam and Dean the story of Cain and Able was bound to make it into Supernatural eventually. I think Tim Omundson was inspired casting. He and Dean (at least on the surface) are a lot alike and no wonder Cain saw something special with Dean. Crowley certainly read that right. It’s an intriguing idea though, the epic plight and burden of Cain being passed onto Dean. This is after all the Winchester gospel. Will Dean repeat history and kill his younger brother, or will the Winchesters let their loyalty to one another prevail? There’s a lot of time to find out.

Sean: I thought he was fantastic and Tim Omundson portraying him fit very well. I really liked the tragic twist put on the classic Cain and Abel story. It wasn’t so dramatic that it changed everything, but it was enough that it added that human touch. He even reminded me of a brokenhearted Wolverine.

Thoughts on Dean getting the dark mark from Cain?
Carissa: Like Crowley said, Dean is a worthy recipient to fight the Knights of Hell. There's probably nobody better. Of course, as long as there are seasons of Supernatural, there will always be more formidable opponents that get in his way. Maybe the mark will help long into the future.

Alice: DEAN!!!  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? There’s been all sorts of speculation over what could this mean. Is Dean now immortal? Is he a demon? Will he go evil? The fact that he accepted the mark so easily without finding out the true burden shows how much he doesn’t give a damn about himself (as Crowley pointed out). However, I have this feeling it’s going to have way more of an effect on others, not just him or Abaddon. Cain couldn’t control the urge inside him to kill no matter how hard he tried, so I can only imagine it’s going to put Dean in the same awful place. It’s dark, much like the demon blood that ran through Sam’s veins. Plus he’ll never be able to part with it (that we know of).

Sean: Dean seems to be on a dark path, and the burden of Kevin’s death is adding to his decisions. He took the deal so easily, but I’m not sure he’ll be able to follow through or handle killing Cain when he calls. He’s definitely on a single-minded mission. That said, creatively, I’m pleased to see Dean getting involved with the supernatural powers this time and exploring just what that will mean for him and the future.  After all, we know anything that involves, deals, demons and the supernatural isn’t a simple road. There’s always consequences.

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