The Big Bang Theory: Watch Season 7 Episode 13 Online

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Penny and Leonard are going to get married on The Big Bang Theory. This seems like a sure thing at this point.

But it won't be happening any time too soon, despite Penny's unexpected proposal last week, not after the events on The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 13.

Leonard, of course, was afraid that Penny would dump him after his hesitant response to that question, but she instead admitted that she went a little nuts at the time.

But she still did have a surprise for her boyfriend: she quit The Cheesecake Factor to focus on her dreams of acting. Leonard had some trouble being supportive, but Sheldon actually came through in strong fashion here.

How so? How can he relate to Penny? Watch The Big Bang Theory online now for the answer:

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The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Leonard: Listen. I could never do what you're doing. I'd be terrified.
Penny: Well it's scary for me too.
Sheldon: I'm fine with it.
Leonard: My point is: just because I couldn't do it doesn't mean you shouldn't. And I'm proud of you.
Penny: Okay. Thank you.

Jessie: You're back.
Bernadette: Yes I am. There are a few more things I want to say to you. Stuart's store is just fine, and he's a much nicer person than you are, and if you still have that comic I'd like to buy it right now.
Jessie: No problem. You want a latte while you wait?
Bernadette: No I don't want a latte. I want a cappuccino and a blueberry scone.
Jessie: I only have chocolate chip.
Bernadette: Well that sounds even better.