The Mentalist Review: What's Jane's Type?

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I had high hopes for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 - and although I didn't dislike "White LInes," I was still a bit disappointed. 

Everything about the hour felt a little out of sync, but maybe it was suppose to feel that way. Perhaps this part of the season is going to be about Jane and Lisbon figuring out where they stand and who they are now that they're working with the FBI. 

Jane's New Date

Let's face it. Change is always a bit uncomfortable. 

There were certainly several things I enjoyed, starting with Jane's fight for his beloved sofa. I loved when he said he needed something he could really snuggle in to. That's just so cute.

His interactions with Agent Fischer were odd. She was determined not to admit that she actually liked Jane. And wouldn't it have been easier simply to tell Jane that it was none of his business whether she'd seen a therapist or not? I know she eventually told him that but first she lied to him. 

I guess it will take Fischer time to figure out that lying to Patrick Jane is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. He won't stop coming at you until he figures out the truth. 

The five DEA agents being ambushed in their own office made for a great case and extra points to Jane for spotting the third secret camera behind the mirror. 

As for Krystal…I liked her. But that's because I figured out she was the ring leader the moment she and Jane spoke. 

What I did find interesting was the talk about Jane's type. He told Fischer that Krystal was his type. Was he serious? Krystal was smart, blonde and beautiful. I'd assume Jane's late wife was all of those things. Of course Krystal was also a murderous drug lord. 

Teresa swore to Fischer that Krystal wasn't Jane's type but then she couldn't seem to come up with a description for what was. Probably because the man really hasn't dated anyone in a decade. 

So what really is Jane's type? Time will tell.

Shippers of Patrick and Teresa couldn't have been very happy with this episode as the two spent very little time together.  I can live with that for one episode. I sort of liked having Lisbon interact with Fischer and Cho, but I certainly hope this doesn't become a trend for the rest of The Mentalist Season 6.

I really look forward to seeing how Jane and Lisbon's relationship evolves from here. So much has changed for them. It's been two years since they've worked together and now they're at the FBI and living in Texas. I can't imagine things will be exactly the same as they once were. 

A few sidetones worth mentioning:

  • Glad to see Wiley back and having him highlight the advantages of working for the FBI made sense.
  • How did Krystal know where the cameras were? Someone had to tell her where all three were located. Who was it?
  • Was it just me or didn't both shirts Jane held up look exactly alike?

This hour of The Mentalist wasn't exactly what I had hoped but it was still entertaining TV. I'm just hoping for a little more character development next time.

So what do you think Patrick Jane's type is?

White Lines Review

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

We have to wait for a hit on the BOLO. I hate that.


Jane: I don't need a desk.
Fischer: Really, you work standing up.
Jane: No, lying down.