The Tomorrow People Review: Warrior Queen

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Wow, talk about an episode that turned this entire series on its head.

If you read my review of The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 10, you know that I wasn't pleased with Cara being named leader. But one thing I've discovered about this series is that it has the ability to make me angry one week and incredibly happy the next.

The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 11 has definitely earned a spot on my happy list.

First off, I liked learning more about Cara's past and I thought that Julian was quite the foe for her. So far, we haven't seen a paranormal who actually got off on the pain caused by trying to kill and it was certainly an interesting twist.

It was such a good twist, in fact, that I was excited to see Julian escape at the end of the episode so that he can come back and wreak more havoc in the future. He truly tested Cara's leadership and this time I was pleased to see that she didn't come away lacking.

Her plan to trick Julian into thinking her people had left, so that she could use Charlotte was absolutely brilliant.

I may not be able to kill, but I swear to God I'm going to make that bastard wish he were dead.


Speaking of Charlotte, I also liked that Cara wasn't willing to kick the poor kid to the curb just because she was going through a rough time. And don't even get me started on John taking Charlotte under his wing and showing her how to harness her anger into a stronger power.  

After the last episode, I wondered what John would do now that he's not a leader and acting as a mentor to Charlotte seems like a good fit.

Where they saw weakness, I saw our strength.


As for Stephen, I thought the game storyline was perhaps a little silly, but I did think it gave us some fun moments between Stephen and Hillary. I will admit that I really thought she might be an ally for him. So much for her being all sweet and nice.

Stephen already has to watch his back at Ultra, but Hillary is even more of a threat than Jedikiah, mostly because Stephen thinks he can trust her. There is nothing more dangerous than an enemy you don't even know is there.

I did find it interesting that we didn't see Peter at all this week, but I'm sure we'll find out more about him in the future. For now, I'm completely satisfied with where this episode went.

That's leadership during wartime, there is no end


My favorite bits:

  • Luca referring to Peter as “The Silver Fox.”
  • Cracking up when Stephen fell for Hillary's “weak little girl” play. Ha!
  • Cara pointing out that many of them had issues when they came underground, but it didn't mean Charlotte deserved to be kicked out.
  • John's lesson to Charlotte on how to use her darkness as a weapon. Love how she the proceeded to throw him across the room.
  • Russell still throwing dice, even unconscious.
  • Epic paranormal battle. That is all.
  • Knowing immediately that Cara's people leaving was all part of a plan. Didn't realize that plan was Charlotte screaming Julian's crew into oblivion. NICE.
  • Everything Russell said when he woke up. Giggled so hard at the “I'm on a leash” part.
  • Tim pointing out to Cara that maybe she liked being pursued by two men. That is one very smart computer.

What do you think of Cara as the new leader of The Tomorrow People?

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The Tomorrow People Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Didn't realize Ultra had its own Triwizard Tournament.


Russell: Are you calling me fat?
Cara: I'm calling you lazy.