Top Chef Review: Po' Money, Po' Problem

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Top Chef featured a guest judge this week who was so money, he didn't even know it.

But before the contestants got to Jon Favreau, they had to deal with Roy Choi, an especially cranky panelist who was not pleased with the po' boys whipped up as part of the Quickfire Challenge.

The special New Orleans sandwiches were meant to be made based on the life stories of each contestants, but Choi dismissed Nicholas' as too salty… Brian's as too boring… and Carlos' as subpar Mexican food.

Shirley ended up with the least offensive po' boy and won immunity as a result.

Enter Favreau. Far more enjoyable as a judge, he challenged the group to come up with a dish that represented a major turning point in their career.

He went totally off on Carlos for daring to look at him the wrong way and for touching his pots. Seriously, people. Do. Not. Touch. Nicholas' pots.

Nicholas went on to burn his quinoa, while Carlos kept his head down and cooked.

So... did crazy Nicholas get sent home? You can watch Top Chef online to find out and visit our friends at Food Fanatic for a complete review of the latest episode.

Po' Boy Smackdown Review

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