Arrow: Watch Season 2 Episode 14 Online

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On Arrow Season 2 Episode 14, Felicity questions her value to the Team Arrow and sets out to prove her worth, even though she's the only one to whom she needs to prove anything.

Oliver finally gives up on Laurel and it gives her the push she needs to see things clearly.

Laurel and Sara talk and Laurel reveals the reason for her self destruction. She attends her first meeting with Lance.

Thea's concern over the relationship between Moira and Oliver sends him home at the exact moment that Slade Wilson is in the living room speaking with Moira.

You'll need to see it to believe it, so don't waste another moment. Watch Arrow online right now!

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Roy: Do you two know each other?
Sara: No, we don't.
Sin: Right, we don't. I just love when people come back from the dead. It juices my zombie fetish.

Sara, when you come back from the dead you get a party. It's a Queen family tradition.