Being Human: Watch Season 4 Episode 7 Online

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On Being Human Season 4 Episode 7, Sally enlists help from Donna to resurrect Robbie, things come to a breaking point between Josh and Nora and Aidan learns Suzanna's darkest secret.

Sally reaches into another plane and drags Donna back with her to try to bring Robbie back to life. Much to her surprise, a greatly changed Donna offers herself up in exchange for Robbie's soul. 

Aidan greatly underestimates his Suzanna, but all of his boasting cannot prepare him for what the secret she spills. How will he react upon hearing it?

Josh and Nora try to hold it together while they watch over Robbie, but in the end things are worse than ever before.

To find out what drives their marriage to the breaking point, you'll need to watch Being Human online so you don't miss a single scene of this terrific installment.

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Being Human Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Robbie: Any particular reason these two can see me?
Nora: We're werewolves.

Sally: I can't. I've just already hurt too many people. I couldn't sacrifice some random soul, even for Robbie.
Donna: That is the first sensible thing you have said since I ate you.