Days of Our Lives Recap: Caught Having Shower Sex!

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Well... almost.

EJ is playing one dangerous game and even though I knew it wasn't going to happen, I kind of wanted he and Abigail to get caught.

EJ and Abby in the Shower

Especially with Sami uttering this Days of Our Lives quote:

We've been married. We're engaged again. We have two kids together. I'm not going to see anything I haven't seen before.


Oh, how wrong she was. If only Sami could have pulled that curtain back to find EJ taking Abigail up against the shower wall. I can't even imagine the fireworks that would have ensued. Not to mention that I really don't believe that Abby can handle having Sami Brady as an enemy.

But I will admit the girl did an excellent job of putting Aunt Adrienne in her place on Monday. 

The next time that you ever have a problem with me or one of my friends, I suggest that you come to me instead of going behind my back and speaking to my mother.


Looks as though Abigail's a bit tougher than I thought. Maybe that's what EJ sees in her. But I still don't think she's any much for Sami Brady out for blood. 

In other news, Friar Tuck Father Timothy tried to convince Eric to become a monk. I almost rolled off my seat laughing. Wow. So he could pine after Nicole while wearing a brown robe instead of a white collar. I was thankful Eric dismissed the idea outright because that story line would have been ridiculous, not to mention boring. 

Nicole and Daniel tracked down Dr. Chyka - and can someone just make Super Dan his cape already? Seriously, though, it was great to see Nicole grab the gun and rescue him. 

Even funnier when she was the one who started to beat on the evil doctor. Doctor Dan may have brought the good drugs but Nicole's still the person who should provoke the most fear. She'd cut him to pieces if she thought it would help Eric. 

Finally, there's JJ and Teresa. Just when he thought he finally had something on her, Teresa turns the tables once again. But is she really willing to go to prison to get back at Jennifer? I don't think so. I just hope JJ's smart enough to pull this off. 

So, TV Fanatics. Did you want Sami to catch EJ and Abby in the shower?

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Nicole: [walking through house in towel] I know I left my flip flops in here somewhere.
Scooter: [whistles] Looking for these?
Nicole: Get out of here!
Scooter: Oh come on, Misty baby. I just came over here to borrow a cup of sugar.
Nicole: Don't call me that.
Scooter: You're all the sugar that I need. Bridgette, I saw Freddie leave with the kids. It's just the two of us. ANd I love what you're wearing.
Nicole: I told you, I am so not interested.
Scooter: Don't worry about anyone finding out. It'll just be our little secret.
Nicole: Like hell!
Scooter: You say one word to the wife and I'll blow the whistle on who you used to be.
Nicole: You know, I was forced into porn, okay, and that was like, 20 years ago. My husband understands. No one else is gonna care.
Scooter: Oh, I'm not talkin' about Misty Circle, porno queen. I'm talkin' about Nicole Walker. Kidnapper, fugitive from justice. Yep, that's right. I know your real secret.

You of all people should know a lie when you hear one.