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On Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5, Rose adds an element of surprise to Robert's birthday dinner and Edith receives some disturbing news.

Robert learns there is a birthday dinner planned for him, but everyone but Mrs. Hughes is surprised by the treat Rose arranges after the dinner. Will they all be accepting and enjoy themselves? The answer to that may be the biggest surprise of all.

Anna and Bates schedule a dinner out on the town, but it is almost ruined by a snobbish restaurant host. Who saves the day and makes their night almost enjoyable?

Alfred receives word from The Ritz that there is a place for him at Chef School. What words does he have with Daisy before he leaves, and how does it affect Ivy and Jimmy?

Edith is beside herself as she learns Michael is missing in Germany. That's not even the worst news she receives during the episode. 

Rose takes things just a step too far. When someone sees, will the cat be out of the bag? Watch Downton Abbey online to find out!

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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Mrs. Patmore: Ooh I like that Rudolph Valentino. He makes me shiver all over.
Carson: What a very disturbing thought.

You're nervous because you're intelligent, Alfred. Only stupid people are foolhardy.