Girls Review: A Mean, Skinny Miss Hannigan

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Okay... Girls Season 3 Episode 7 was hands down the best episode of 2014. Elijah was back and all the girls were together.

There was music, choreographed dancing, drinking, fighting and Marnie being a Type A lunatic. What's not to love?

Shosh and Jessa at the beach

I'm not really sure how Marnie is dealing with living in an apartment the size of a bed - because after just one scene of her channeling her inner Martha Stewart at that gorgeous beach home, you just knew she was just dying to be somebody's housewife. 

We all know she's been messed up this season. but once Marnie told the whole story about Charlie to Elijah...holy shit. Like, how does that even go down?

One minute he said he wanted to propose and the next he said he never loved her? Wow, just wow. And then Elijah says he always thought Charlie was gay, but Elijah thinks everyone's gay. He thought Hannah's Dad was gay in Girls season 1.

Can I just say how great it was to have Elijah back? Even if he entered the scene by comparing Hannah's bathing suit and no shoes in public to Spring Breakers?

It was very necessary for him to make up with Hannah considering he is one of the best characters on Girls. Also, his impression of Marnie was pretty dead on.

She's just like walking around, bossing everyone around, like a mean skinny Miss Hannigan.

Elijah [about Marnie]

Marnie was so ridiculously Type A all weekend, trying to control every situation. I know she had this whole idea of "healing" together, but girls in their 20s are just not that organized. Sorry, we aren't trying to adhere to a vacation schedule.

Nobody wants to hang out with the person who is insistent on having everything be "a plan."

When Marnie was in the water saying she was having the best time of her life, she said it with so much deadness and phoniness in her voice I think my eyes rolled back into my head. Also you shouldn't base your life around how it will look on Instagram.

Leave that to the #RichKids of Beverly Hills

Guys we're so disconnected. I thought this would just be a nice opportunity for us to have fun together and prove to everyone via Instagram that we could still have fun as a group.


Marnie, I know you're having a hard time but that was a pathetic, yet sadly hilarious comment. Also, it was a close call when she mentioned Ray, but luckily Shoshanna never picked up on it or she would've gone even crazier than she did.

I think that was the best scene Shoshanna has ever had including the time she accidentally smoked crack in Girls Season 1 Episode 7.

I noticed this episode was partially written by Judd Apatow and it did have that kind of signature he has in his movies of creating huge blow up fights.

That scene in the kitchen was pretty unreal. It spoke a lot about each of the girls and each of their issues. Well... everyone except for Jessa really, who is personally my favorite character and the person I'd most want to hang out with out of the four.

The ending of the episode was pretty poignant.

Girls have this way of fighting and then not speaking about it the next day but cohesively deciding to move on together in an unspoken agreement. The way they all walked in and just started cleaning was pretty much the only way it could've gone down.

What did you think of their big overdue blowout?

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Girls Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jessa, I put you in the lighthouse because it's bohemian.


Marnie: Where's Jessa? Did she not even show?
Hannah: No, she just insists on sitting in the back of the bus for political reasons.