Girls Review: Growns Ups

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The young women of Girls struggled with the idea of making some adult changes on Girls Season 3 Episode 6.

Could Hannah ever go corporate? It's kind of hard to picture. Yet it's a possibility.

Hannah's Cubicle

Now that Hannah's book is delayed indefinitely after the contract mess in Girls Season 3 Episode 5, she needs to try and getting her writing out where she can. Even if it means selling out a bit doing advertoiral work. Still, GQ is GQ!

Ray is doubtful, but Ray is also pessimistic and has a hard view of the world in general. But we'll get to that in a minute.

Hannah had a fabulous first day at GQ, making a few friends, pitching awesome ideas and even getting accolades from her icy boss, an awesome cameo by Jenna Lyons. There's even a free snack room. Hannah Horvath + Free Snacks = Bliss.

Adam is a little down on the whole corporate gig and thinks the free snacks are all full of chemicals. Hannah approaches her second day with the positivity and self aggrandizing nature she can sometimes emit.

However, after a talk with her coworkers about how she wouldn't be there forever because she was a "real writer" she soon finds out that they were all once versions of her. But sometimes that corporate world with health insurance, dental, stability, gym membership is just too damn tempting.

I think this episode did an excellent job really grasping what the show Girls is about. These four girls in their early 20s are struggling with making more adult choices while still holding onto all the confusing but sometimes enjoyable aspects of their youth. That's why it's called "Girls" not "Women." They are still children in many ways.

This episode was a perfect summary of that.

Whether it was Hannah breaking down and crying at work after realizing how tempted she was to sell out of that creative, carefree, risk taking writer lifestyle; or Marnie attempting to date Ray, everyone was trying something new. Well... everyone but Jessa, who could really give a crap. Her only purpose in this episode was to listen to Shoshanna and make a few hilarious remarks.

Oh that's amazing. It's really hard for a jew to gain respect in sports.


Shoshanna really thinks that it's time to stop sowing her oats but she knows she can't go back to Ray, she hurt him too much. She also doesn't know that Ray is now sleeping with Marnie in some weird twisted attempt at a relationship.

Those two can't stand each other, could it ever even work? What will happen when Shosh finds out? 

This episode left us with so many questions. Is this the girls way of trying to be grown ups? Could Hannah make it in corporate America? Would Shoshanna and Parker ever work out or is he just that dumb? I happen to be the most curious about Marnie and Ray. Those two are the odd couple.

What are you thoughts? Vote below and then sound off in the comments! 

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Girls Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Could you stop saying "checking in" it's fucking weird.

Marnie [to Ray]

Oh I'm so sorry you won't be gracing us with your presence anymore. And I'll see you in a week when you quit whatever bullshit gig you're leaving for and come back here begging for your old job again.

Ray [to Hannah]