Helix Review: Like Father, Like Daughter

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This week's Helix episode gave us vector-vision, exploding microscopes, vectors running off with Peter's body and someone's head became a permanent resident of the white room.

Helix Season 1 Episode 8 opens with vectors crawling through the air ducts. One of them looks down and spies Alan, Julia and Sarah. This was our first taste of vector-vision and it was kind of cool, right? I wasn't expecting to see through a vector's eyes.

While Alan and Sarah appear to have a greenish glowing skeleton, Julia has no glow whatsoever.

Julia is different now, sure, but the ongoing mystery is whether she's an evolved human or something else entirely.

Sutton Takes Walker

The choking/Aliens gag was pretty amusing, probably one of the few light-hearted moments of the entire series. Doesn't Julia seem much more playful and rejuvenated now? Is this a byproduct of being cured?

I was a bit disappointed that the vectors that invaded Level B at the end of Helix Season 1 Episode 7 didn't cause much damage at all. Actually, one of them is killed trying to contaminate the food supply early on. The others appear briefly toward the end, only to run off with Peter's unconscious body. It's possible the sole purpose the vectors hitched a ride to Level B was to bring Peter back downstairs with them.

Sarah realizing that Julia was wearing contacts and Julia showing off her silver eyes really surprised me. Let's be honest, Sarah has made some pretty ridiculous decisions up to this point. Tonight, she was on the ball and asking all the right questions.

I'm not 100% sure why Constance seemed so confused by Julia's importance. As she's looking through Hatake's photo album of Julia, there's no recognition there. Is it me or did the writers hint Constance might be Julia's mother later in the episode?

When Alan questions Hatake about Julia being cured, he swears there's no cure. What was the red serum he injected her with down in Level R? That's the thing with Hatake, you never know when he's being honest or flat out lying.

Hatake: Dr. Walker is virus free and that puts her in grave danger.
Alan: From who? Sutton?
Hatake: From Sutton. From everyone. And not just at this base.

Constance takes Julia captive claiming her body contains a proprietary medical therapy belonging to Ilaria. Did the fact that Julia no longer had any trace of Narvik-B tip Constance off, or was it the silver eyes?

Hatake tells Constance that Julia is not one of them. Is he referring to evolved humans or are we talking aliens? It was also interesting to learn he once loved Constance.

Julia encounters a couple of vectors in the air ducts. However, this time, she did not flash her silver eyes but the vectors still left her alone. Now I'm not sure if the eyes scare the vectors off, or since they can tell Julia can't be infected they ignore her altogether.

Balleseros mentioned last week that kids went missing in Brazil. He now tells Anana that he's the one that kidnapped those kids. Was it true?

Daniel shared a very emotional goodbye scene with Anana. He even hugged her slightly and accepted that his real name is Miksa. It's amazing how the character of Daniel is nothing like what I expected. I'm curious to see where he goes from here.

Alan rigs a microscope to explode and tries to kill Sutton but her loyal guard, Klein, saves her. I didn't expect her to threaten Alan with killing Peter, that was a fun twist. Even more curious was the fact that a couple of vectors drag Peter away. How did Hatake know the vectors wouldn't harm Peter? It really does seem Hatake is a superior species, doesn't it?

Julia wakes (after being drugged by Hatake) to find a ripped photo of her younger self with Hatake.

I've been saying since day one that Hatake is Julia's father and Constance finally confirmed it. There must be more to this storyline right? What about the cabin in Montana? Julia's handwriting on the wall at the base?

During that final confrontation between Hatake and Constance, I noticed she says "we" and "us" several times. Was she referring to their race?

Constance calls Julia an abomination. I'm not clear on the whole "Willis Hypothesis," but Constance does mention it quite a bit in her two episodes. Maybe I'll do a little research and get into it in the comments section.

Sutton: We could've changed the world.
Hatake: Yes, but who would want to live in that world?

I knew that Constance had to go, but I did not expect her head to become a permanent resident of the white room. Does this mean those frozen heads are Hatake's people? All silver-eyed, evolved humans? Or aliens living among us?

Don't forget, you can watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic if you've missed any episodes. Personally, I like to watch each episode at least three times to make sure I haven't missed any clues or WTH moments.

So, what did you think of the episode and what exactly are the silver-eyed people?

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Helix Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Hatake: Dr. Walker is virus free and that puts her in grave danger.
Alan: From who? Sutton?
Hatake: From Sutton. From everyone. And not just at this base.

Sutton: We could've changed the world.
Hatake: Yes, but who would want to live in that world?