Helix Review: Silver-Eyed Stare

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The illusive Ilaria Corporation arrived at the base this week to check in on their investment.

Boy, was that Constance a piece of work or what? Guest star Jeri Ryan was a welcome addition to the Helix cast and I hope she sticks around until the finale.

The introduction of Constance Sutton, CEO of Ilaria, in Helix Season 1 Episode 7 finally shed some light on the purpose of the virus.

Saving Walker

Though we've known for a while now the virus is man made, this episode confirmed Hatake is its creator.

It didn't come as a surprise that Ilaria not only wanted a virus, but its cure as well. Makes total sense, the pharmaceutical company could infect the population and later make millions profiting from the only cure.

We don't want to kill everybody, just thin the herd a bit.

Constance Sutton

It was interesting to learn, however, that Constance was unaware of the Narvik-B strain. Hatake explained it as an alternate attempt when a cure for Narvik-A proved elusive. My personal theory that SODRA (the cure-all) was used in the Narvik-B strain is still a possibility.

Constance wasted no time proving herself quite ruthless. She not only threatens Hatake, but makes him pledge that no one gets out alive. It goes without saying, Ilaria can't have any witnesses to everything that's gone down. Get ready to say goodbye to more of your favorite characters.

We're at the midpoint of Helix Season 1, and this is where Hatake begins shifting allegiances. It's pretty clear why he's "gone off the rails" as Constance puts it, Ilaria is our big bad.

Alan has one simple request of Constance, he needs Julia (the RNA Structure expert) to find a cure. Constance prepares a team to go down to Level R and retrieve Julia. I found it strange that Sutton seemed unaware of Julia's importance.

Last week, we kept hearing how this is all about Julia. Then again, that all took place in Julia's hallucinations. Maybe the whole season is not just a dream of Julia's after all.

Though necessary, Anana bringing Balleseros back to the base, and the talk of missing children felt repetitive. Balleseros mentioning missing kids while he was growing up in Brazil was new though. Still, I don't trust the guy as far as I can throw him. Was there any truth to it?

So Julia has silver eyes now. She was healthy again and a quick blood test determined there was no black goo in her system.

Peter Farragut: Maybe you're survivor zero? First one cured?
Julia Walker: But if I'm cured, why am I still hallucinating?

I have no theories as to why Julia continues to hallucinate Peter. If you do, dear reader, I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

While you're at it, if you can enlighten me as to why Constance was filing her teeth down, I'd appreciate it. That went over my head.

Hatake takes his secret passageway down to Level R, discovers that Julia is healed and her eyes are silver like his. Was it me or did Hatake seem genuinely surprised by Julia's silver eyes? Was he not 100% sure the two were related until this point? I'm going to stick with the theory Hatake is Julia's father. The serum he injected her with contained his DNA, allowing him to cure her but not the other vectors.

Daniel confronts Anana and Balleseros when they arrive at the base. She shows him the picture with his twin and his reply was classic. "Impressive, but I can use Photoshop too."

He eventually comes around, remembering there were always children at the base in his youth. I'm sure we'll learn more about this situation next week.

The secret passageway opens and out stumble Hatake and Julia. Daniel and Anana demand answers but not before Hatake hands Julia a set of contact lenses. As security marches Julia out of the room, it appeared Hatake was going to say "I'm your father," but stopped himself.

Julia and Alan are finally reunited, and though she tried hard to conceal her silver eyes, she lets him see.

I'm not sure how those vectors hitched a ride on the lift from Level R, but now they're loose on Level B.

There were a couple of reveals tonight that were totally predictable, Constance's silver eyes and the fact she and bad boy Balleseros were a thing. Constance tasking Balleseros, independently of Ilaria, to look into Hatake was a cool twist. I have a feeling her relationship with Hatake is much deeper than we know.

If you can explain the things that went over my head, please share them in the comments. This is a show that demands a re-watch or two. Don't forget, you can watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic.


Ok, Heliacs (did I just coin a fandom name?), this week's question is: Who do you think "Survivor Zero" is?

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Helix Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

We don't want to kill everybody, just thin the herd a bit.

Constance Sutton

Peter Farragut: Maybe you're survivor zero? First one cured?
Julia Walker: But if I'm cured, why am I still hallucinating?