Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Recap: Solving the Poop Mystery

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Forget Sherlock Holmes. The CBS version or the BBC version.

There was a mystery to be solved on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Season 3 Episode 10 and Alana was up for the challenge. (And, trust us, Sherlock, you wouldn't have wanted it anyway.)

The installment kicked off with Honey Boo Boo entering the bathroom to the horror of an unflushed toilet. She declared it a "poop mystery" and set out to find the culprit.

Alana had a magnifying class in hand and vowed to the get to the bottom of this "mess-tery." Okay. That is sort of funny. Who was the Brown Bandit?

Lauryn/Pumpkin, who was caught after Alana hit in the bathtub for there hours with a camera person. That poor, poor camera person.


  • Doe-Doe told June she needs to get "re-hornified," a notion we disagree with strongly.
  • June found an apartment listing and wondering if Anna wanted to move out. Who would watch Kaitlyn for her? How would Anna pay her bills?
  • Anna went off with her boyfriend, sulking over the chat.
  • And we ended with June realizing her period is late. NOOOO!!!!!

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