Modern Family Review: Spies Like Us

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If you were worried that your kids were hanging out with the wrong crowd, how would you go about finding out the truth?

Well, if you're Phil and Claire in Modern Family Season 5 Episode 14, you use Phil's aerial camera drone to hover in on Luke and Manny's friends! So why were they so worried in the first place anyway?

Now that Luke and Manny are in high school, their lives have gotten more social. Phil is no longer Luke's number-one hang out pal. When Luke sounded like he wasn't where he said he'd be, Claire tracked his phone.

When Haley pointed out that Luke was at an old salvage yard where kids go to get high, the Dunphys went into spy mode. 

Haley: That's the old salvage yard where kids go to get high.
Claire: What? We are going there right now!
Phil: Wait, wait are you sure?
Haley: I'm gonna answer and then I'm gonna walk away, deal? I'm 420% sure.
Phil: Wow, she's bad at math.

The best part of that whole conversation was how it completely went over Phil's head. He even used the term "smoking grass" later. You totally know that Phil never messed around with weed when he was younger. Claire? Maybe. 

The problem with the Dunphys using Phil's aerial camera is that Luke, despite being sometimes a little dim, was able to spot the drone. Even at first Luke thought it was a movie company spying on them, he quickly caught on when his parents were acting suspicious. Those two are the worst liars!

Claire clearly didn't inherit her lying skills from Jay. Gloria totally believed that the dream was about baby Joe being stuck on a tall ledge. But then again, what grown man would be yelling out in his dream about his dog? Stella is pretty cute, though.

As for cheating? Yeah right! Jay knows what he has with Sofia Vergara and he would not screw that up!

Gloria: Some people you turn your back for one second and they have another family from the bad side of town.
Jay: You ARE my other family from the bad side of town.

Lastly, we had our resident gossip Cam. I have to side with him here. Even though he shouldn't have repeated something his partner told him to keep private, Mitchell should have known better. Cam loves to gossip. Mitchell really only had himself to blame for repeating things to a blabbermouth.

If he knew he wouldn't be able to hide news from Cam in the first place he should've been upfront with his friend.

So how wrong is it to spy on your significant other? Is it okay to keep secrets from each other? What about when it comes to your kids, would you spy on them with a drone? Vote below and then sound off in the comments!

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Modern Family Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Yes people are allowed their private thoughts and I shouldn't be so angry, but I'm latin so I get to feel whatever i want.


Phil: Sounds fun, wear your helmets.
Manny: We will. I'm not writing my first novel by blowing through a tube.