Nashville Review: Breaking Point

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Rayna spent the majority of Nashville Season 2 Episode 15 acting as if the death of her father meant little, even in light of her last words to him:

"As far as I'm concerned, both of my parents are dead."

It was pretty obvious that wasn't a state she was going to be able to maintain, but she put on a great show as friends and family worried over her lack of reaction.

Setting Emotions Aside

Was it wrong that I wish the man who had walked out of Teddy's office alive had been Lamar instead of Teddy? Even when Teddy finally cracked and admitted to Megan (Teddy, can you just find an appropriate woman already?) that he had the power to save Lamar but did nothing and tears of regret streamed down his face, I still wished him ill.

One of the biggest reasons I believe Nasvhille has lost ground in the second season is due to the unnecessary political machine that runs in the background. Lamar's dead and now it's time for Teddy to hit the road. Just get out. If you take Megan with you, so be it. Buh bye!

You know who else can grab onto the bumper of Teddy's moving van as he drives off? Scarlett. Her whining has reached the pinnacle of annoyance. Poor Rayna put all of her money on Scarlett becoming a success but she's a mess both personally and professionally. 

Liam is far too likable of a character to be sucked into the vortex that is Scarlett O'Connor. Please let that come to a head and let's see them torn apart. The song they cut together sounded like a cat in heat and it's not going to make a dime for Rayna so she can just cut her losses and start fresh. Too harsh? Too bad.

Deacon's need for a guitarist that turned into a trio including Avery, Gunnar on drums and Zoe singing backup was magical. Their upbeat excitement to be playing with THE Deacon Claybourne kept him from running away from a gig after he was knocked back to midnight and by staying he earned an open invitation to play as an opening act any time. 

The dynamics between Avery, Gunnar and Zoe was really fun and they decided to form a band together. Remember when Avery and Gunnar couldn't stand to be in the same room together? If you stick it out long enough, great things can happen. 

One of the best things to happen on Nashville has been the pairing of Avery and Juliette. They're the shining light on the series at this point and are simply delightful in every way. Their chemistry is real and they have staying power. It's terrific the way they support each other without jealousy. 

The entire time Juliette was being wooed by Howie V, I kept wondering why she was so enamored with a guy who was taking her backward, to the girl she was when we met her -- a pop princess with a more grown up production value. Glenn could see it, but was afraid to rain on her parade. 

One of the things that makes Avery and Juliette work so well is they're the two characters who have grown more than any others. Their arcs have been from spoiled and nasty brats to mature and kind-hearted adults. They understand each other completely. Glenn also understands Juliette, but he missed a couple cues that she was riding on Howie V out of anxiety that others might not touch her.

Juliette's decision to go with her gut and choose to produce Avery's version of "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet" felt like a final growth spurt for her. She's on the right path and knows how to get there -- by being true to herself.

It's also so funny to remember the animosity between her and Rayna and to look at them now, concerned and there for each other when things get tough. 

Waiting for Rayna to break was difficult to watch. It wasn't possible that she would just carry on with her life after losing Lamar. Finding herself surrounded by things that reminded her of him at a different time and likely reliving her last conversation with him finally pushed her to the edge and Connie Britton nailed the grief Rayna was feeling. 

It was a mourning so sudden and all encompassing and the cries were so genuine I instantly began to sob with her. That kind of acting amazes me, but it didn't shock me coming from the amazing Connie Britton. 

What did you think about the episode? Are you sorry to see Lamar go? Do you wish Teddy would take a hike and Scarlett ride off with him? Chat about it in the comments. In the meantime, you can revisit Britton's brilliant acting when you watch Nashville online!

Which version of Juliette's song did you like better?

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