Pretty Little Liars Picture Preview: Meet the New Guys!

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On Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 22, Aria and Spencer will have some new guys in their lives. 

Let's check 'em out!

Aria escapes Rosewood for a visit to Syracuse University where she meets Riley, an indie musician. From the clips, it seems like he might be visiting the university as well, or maybe he's a guide.

Riley will be played by Nick Roux who you may recall from another ABC Family hit, Jane by Design.

What has our tongues wagging is how close the two appear to be in such short order. Did they know each other before the visit or is Aria going out of her way to forget about Ezra by snuggling up to the new hottie?

Spencer is busily kicking her drug habit, also with a new guy by her side. She doesn't look nearly as pleased with his presence, however. Our Spencer never likes to accept help, even when it's given by someone smoldering like Dean (Nathaniel Buzolic, The Vampire Diaries). 

Feast your eyes on these fresh faces now:

What to find out what drove the girls to such desperation? Take an hour or two and watch Pretty Little Liars online to relive the latest installments.

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Don't get up. I don't want to accidentally run into your mouth again.

Hanna (to Holbrook)

Will you make sure real teacher gets this?

Emily (to Ezra)

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