Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Bite Your Tongue"

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On theĀ Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 17 Round Table. we're talking about EzrA and all the evidence Spencer is uncovering linking him to A and Ali's pal Board Shorts, whether Aria will believe any of it and what might drive Ali out of hiding.

Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica at the table by pulling up a comfy spot at your computer and jotting down your answers to all the questions. It's always better when you're involved the discussion, so don't be shy!


What do you think about all the evidence Spencer found piling up about EzrA? How could it be disputed at this point?

Leigh: It was only a matter of time before someone started to piece it together. When Spencer was snapping photos of the diary, I knew she would be able to further delve into the info they got. I think Emily and Hanna will agree with her but Aria will be in denial. Also Spencer hopped up on adderall is like a detective in hyperdrive. She's going to start piecing a lot more together...before she has a Jessie Spano style breakdown.

Nick: It's very in character for Spencer to go all out in figuring out the latest Ali clue, and I'm rather surprised she didn't quite follow it all the way to EzrA. All of the clues are right there in front of her, yet she doesn't want to jump completely. Maybe she's waiting until she can get undisputed confirmation, or she's just trying to spare Aria's feelings.

Teresa: It can be easily disputed. It's all highly suspicious, but she needs to find some definitive connection between Ali and Ezra. When and where did they meet? Is there anyone still alive that saw the two of them together?

Carissa: I think that if they cornered EzrA, he'd lose control and he'd dig his own hole. We've seen what he does when he feels like he isn't in control when he pounded on that woman's car in broad daylight. He isn't very good under pressure, which is why I find it so surprising he's maintained so long without letting anyone on to his shenanigans.

PLL RT - depreciated -

What did Mona and EzrA talk about in the classroom?

Leigh: Probably the latest update on Alison and who would scare the crap out of Emily at school and who would give Hanna shoddy dental work. One person can't do it all, the A-team must delegate! Or maybe they just had a creepy conversation in code like they did at the coffee shop.

Nick: More double talk, naturally, and I think Mona's trying to get on EzrA's bad side just to get a rise out of him. She wants him to slip up so she can put him down.

Teresa: I'm sure Ezra wanted to followup on their earlier conversation. I'll bet he's looking for a new minion (and one who has already terrorized the girls before), and now that he's shown her how terrifying he can be, he can trust Mona enough to work with her.

Carissa: I'm going to go back to EzrA and how easily I think he'll lose control. Mona might push his buttons more than he expects. I hope she gets the better of him.

What do you think will drive Ali back?

Leigh: I think Emily is her main draw. But now that Emily botched their meeting, she will probably go for Hanna next. I don't think she trusts Spencer and she knows Aria is quite literally sleeping with the enemy. Something that puts the girls in danger will bring her back. Maybe Emily doing the play with Ezra or Hanna's upcoming trip to Ravenswood?

Nick: I honestly don't know. I'm thinking she'll come roaring back to town if she finds EzrA is close to being caught.

Teresa: I'm not sure. Perhaps her "killer" needs to be discovered. Or maybe Aria needs to figure out who Ezra really is. I doubt it will be because she truly misses her friends or family.

Carissa: She's such a wild card I can't predict what will drive her back. The more we learn about her, the less I actually know.

Do you think Aria will believe the evidence when she learns about it?

Leigh: Hell to the N-O. Aria has ignored shady clues about Ezra over the years. She knows it's not in her best interest to be with him. Aria doesn't think with her head. She is going to flip.

Nick: Like Leigh mentions, Aria doesn't think with her head when it comes to Ezra, and unless she can see him in the act being A she won't believe a word of it.

Teresa: I don't think so. Spencer has burned a lot of bridges with the girls. She's constantly suspicious of everyone but doesn't believe it when someone close to her is accused of being involved with A...even when it's true. I think her hypocritical attitude will catch with her on this one. But if Aria finds out on her own, I think she'll be more willing to share that information with the girls, more so than when Spencer found out about Toby.

Carissa: Part of me thinks Aria knows deep down that Ezra isn't who he says he is, and she just doesn't care. She's not as into the mystery of things as she used to be, and she might be happy to find out he's a bad guy if she can just split town with him and leave everything else behind. It could happen!

Free-chat anything else you might want to share about what's been going on before all hell rains down on EzrA!

Leigh: There is no way EzrA can be pulling this all off alone. I still think Mrs. D is super shady. Also where has Cece Drake been and is she helping or hurting Ali? Also what is up with the new guidance counselor? He seems genuinely sweet and is probably getting played by Mona. Mike and Mona? No. No no no.

Nick: Mike should really get some more story. I'm liking that he's involved with Mona in this support group, and I'm hoping for a flashback of Mike and Hanna too.

Carissa: Aren't we supposed to hear from Noel Kahn and some other old familiar faces? I'm ready! If we go through all of this with EzrA and he turns out to be another friendly face like Toby later on, I'm going to be a tad angry. I admit it.

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