Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Hot for Teacher"

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Welcome back to the Pretty Little Liars Round Table!

This week, we're talking about Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 18 and that includes a chat about the intricacies of EzrA, how quickly Shana flew the coop, when Ali will put her faith in the Liars and who's in immediate danger.

Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica as they delve into all of this and theorize about the possibility of twins. Join in the fun now!


Do you think Shana was scared away easily?

Leigh: Not really. If you woke up in your car having no recollection of what happened, wouldn't you be freaked out? Plus we still have no idea what knocked her out in the first place.

Teresa: Yeah. For someone who's been around every sketchy character in Rosewood, it didn't take much to get her to abandon Alison. I guess that means those other shady characters are actually innocent? I mean each of the liars has been terrorized pretty badly and not one has run off. Although, leaving the country sounds like a much better idea than finding out who A is.

Nick: There's more going on than just finding herself in a strange place not knowing what happened. She's being threatened, or maybe something even bigger is going on with her.

Carissa: Not only did she leave, she hung up on her oldest and dearest friend who she knew without her was without resources. She's always acted pretty tough, and now I wonder if it was all a put-on. To cut and run like that was pretty chicken. She acted as if the Liars were bad friends for being frightened but look how easily she was run off. What she went through was nothing by comparison.

PLL RT - depreciated -

Why did EzrA keep talking about truth with Aria?

Leigh: I think that even though we have established that EzrA is bad, there is still a side of him that is totally in love with Aria. He probably wants to be able to get close to her and hates having a huge secret. Then again, he's also probably stressing it because he wants information out of her.

Teresa: It was all about misdirection. If he comes across as an honest guy who thinks the truth is important, maybe Aria will give him the benefit of the doubt when he tries to explain away all the creepy stalking. It could work. Remember how easily Spencer went back to trusting Toby?

Nick: I'm with Teresa on this one. It's about Ezra misdirecting those around him. He has a persona to keep up. This lovable, slightly dorky man who believes in the classics, and values truth and honesty. Additionally, he wants to continue gathering information. Those pictures the A-Team is shooting of the liars only tells one half of the story, and he's hoping to find some context by continually talking about truth with Aria.

Carissa: This is part of the reason I'm asking the final question. I'm wondering if his desire is sincere. I'm starting to think his dual personality is too good. Even when he's good, he's still slightly off, but that's because of his overwhelming secret. Or else I'm a nutter. Probably that.

Ali has to put her faith in Emily. When will she do that?

Leigh: Within the next few episodes. Ali is almost out of money, she will have no choice. However, I think she will use another liaison rather than go to Emily directly. It's still too risky after what happened at their last meeting.

Teresa: I'm guessing not too long now. With no money and no contacts in Rosewood (that we know of anyway), she's going to need someone who has already proven that she is willing help no matter the danger. But next week's show looks like a weird (and unnecessary) departure from the usual format. Who knows when it will happen?

Nick: I don't think it's up to Ali. Knowing Emily she's going to keep pursuing Ali until Ali agrees to let her help her.

Carissa: Ali has about $14 and her only help just left her. She knows deep down that the Liars have always been there for her, even with as horribly as she has treated them. I hope she reaches out within the next couple episodes.

Who is in the most jeopardy right now?

Leigh: Spencer, for sure. Not only is she out of her mind on speed and no sleep, but she's getting way too close to the truth. Ezra knows and I'm sure the rest of the A-team does too. Ali didn't want Spencer at her meeting with Emily so I'm guessing that no one will really be happy that Spencer has all of this information. Second place is Aria, you know sleeping with the enemy and all. Did you see those close up pics in A's lair?

Teresa: Aria. She's sleeping with the enemy in his stalker cabin and no one has told her to protect herself yet.

Nick: Spencer since she's closest to figuring out EzrA. Spencer is going to slip up somewhere. She's getting sleep deprived, and she's close to having a Jesse Spano freakout from the pill popping. If she confronts Ezra without being completely focused, then she's drowning in the deep end without a floatie. Even Mona had a difficult time with Ezra, so Spencer needs to figure out a game plan without being so excited.

Carissa: Spencer. Until she gets her pill popping and lack of sleep under control, she's just short of a breakdown. That makes her very weak. Weak people are easy marks. Aria's weak because she's blinded by love, so she's in second place.

Something crossed my mind: how far out would it be if EzrA had a twin?

Leigh: This is Pretty Little Liars, anything is possible. It sure would make it easier to be in all those places at once. You think that one EzrA is the mastermind behind the control boards while the other one is out there doing the dirty bidding? Could be.

Teresa: That would both awesome and awful. Awful because it would totally destroy all the great character work Ian Harding is doing with Mr. Fitz. But awesome because who doesn't like a bad twin story?

Nick: That's a really awesome idea. It would give PLL it's own twist away from the books, but still paying an homage to them. Maybe there's an actual Fitzgerald out there!

Carissa: Some things keep coming to me. First that the writers haven't promised that EzrA won't be shown to have reasons for his odd behavior. Then all of his talk about truth. The close up photos of Aria make me think someone else needs to see her like that, not EzrA. His attire choices when he's A -- the windbreaker and cap. Can you imagine EzrA ever wearing that? What if he's protecting his crazy twin who was in Radley and had a relationship with Ali when he broke out. He also seems to be two places at once far too often. Maybe he's on his own A team, so to speak. Go on... hit me with your best shot!

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