Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Shadow Play"

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As the table discussed Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 19 the participants try to determine if anyting of value was discovered from Spencer's dream, who looked the best in period dress and what might come when Aria is told about the information that's piled up around Ezra.

Join staff writers Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica with your own answers to all the questions by posting them in the comments. It's always more fun with your participation!


How long do you think Spencer zoned out at the kitchen counter to imagine that entire scenario? Did you like the way her brain worked it all out?

Leigh: I bet it wasn't all that long. Don't they say dreams happen in just a few minutes? I liked how she tripped out. That's what sleep deprivation will do!

Teresa: Seemed like just a few seconds. Time is relative, I guess. It was an interesting way to push her into figuring things out, but I don't like that it seemed to condone her druggie behavior. Maybe Spencer wouldn't have come to that realization if she'd hadn't fallen asleep while standing. Plus, we didn't really need an entire episode's worth of Spencer piecing it together through an elaborate dream.

Carissa: I thought it was fun way to see what Spencer's brain did for her. All of the things she thought about have been on her mind, including the difficulties Emily has with her sexuality in the general public. Even if she only zoned out for a few seconds, it's nice to know she doesn't only think of herself when she disappears.

PLL RT - depreciated -

Who did the time period best? Give a shout out to your favorite and worst, or rank your top three, etc. Responder's choice!

Leigh: I think Hanna was my favorite. She looked good in 40s clothes and she was funny running that switchboard. I think she would've been fabulous in that time. It was also great to see Emily all glammed up, I thought she looked stunning.

Teresa: I actually think Ezra did it best. He had that controlled, menacing appeal that a lot of film noir villains do. My least favorite was definitely Toby. That 40s and 50s slang just didn't seem natural for him.

Carissa: For the girls, it was a tough choice. Spencer looked lovely, Emily stunning and Hanna adorable. Paige didn't fit. Ezra certainly beat out Toby for the guys.

How did Ezra manage to make changes to a diary that was written in pen that weren't immediately noticeable?

Leigh: That diary is probably really messy with scribbles, rewrites, cross outs, notes etc. Also it's PLL so extended imagination!

Teresa: I'm gonna go with Leigh on this. Suspension of disbelief is key to Pretty Little Liars fandom.

Carissa: That bugged me. The photos on Spencer's camera looked exactly the same as the diary pages. It would have been impossible. Silly Liars.

Did we learn anything of value from the episode?

Leigh: Hmm that the girls look great in period pieces. The dangers of too much Adderall and sleep deprivation. Also I think there was a hint that Spencer thinks Ali is afraid of her. That scene stood out.

Teresa: Umm....Spencer still thinks Alison is totally witch with a capital B? She wasn't very forgiving in her portrayal of Alison, and it really showed how much she distrusts her former bff. Maybe she does think Alison is afraid of her as Leigh suggests, and maybe we should wonder why that is. Did Spencer do something that night Ali disappeared that she hasn't shared yet?

Carissa: There has always been a tension suggested between Spencer and Ali, and I agree that it seemed Spencer's dream acknowledged it's a reality. I wonder what it is, and I can't wait to find out.

What is your expectation for next week after seeing the preview?

Leigh: Aria is gonna LOSE it. I don't think she'll believe Spencer at first because Spence is starting to look the way she feels and that's "haggard" but when Aria finally does...oh man. Can't wait!

Teresa: It's going to be intense! Aria is usually the most level-headed of the liars, but it looks like she's going to freak out. I'm excited to see it!

Carissa: I'm interested to see how Ezra handles it. We know Aria will freak out, but what will Ezra do? How will he try to get out of it and what will the lie (or truth) really be? I expect him to do some fancy dancing around the truth and I'm interested to put the pieces together after that.  

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