Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: Too Late to Back Out

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ABC Family couldn't have fans more excited forĀ Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 19.

For what reason? We can sum it up in three words: Aria. Finds. Out.

Oh yes. Based on this PLL promo, it looks like Aria FINALLY discovers the truth about Ezra. How will she react? What crazy turns will go down from there? Who will be the one to tell her.

We don't know. We don't know. And we don't know.

But we do have three sneak peeks from "Free Fall" below, one of Ezra and Mona; one of Aria referring to Spencer's drug problem; and one of Spencer pushing for the gals to come clean to their friend. Watch now:


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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Emily: Did you have an accident?
Spencer: What? No!
Hanna: Well, are you going to? What is up with those shower shoes?

You know Spencer, she's a total stress case. A garbanzo bean in the wrong salad bin is enough to make her wig out.