Star-Crossed: Watch Season 1 Episode 1 Online.

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In Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 1, aliens called Atrians land on Earth in 2014.

Ten years later, seven of the Atrians are introduced to Marshall High School as an integration experiment. There are intensely mixed results. 

Emery is new to high school because she's spent the last four years in and out of hospitals. As a six-year-old, she saved an Atrian on Arrival Day - but believed he was shot and killed while protecting her. On her first day of school she meets an Atrian named Roman and realizes that he survived. 

Emery and Roman are drawn to each other but there's a lot standing in their way, including a human potential love interest for Emery named Grayson. 

So... how was everyone's first day at Marshall High School during the integration? Watch Star-Crossed online to find out!