Supernatural Round Table: "Sharp Teeth"

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Garth is back and so is the latest edition of the Supernatural Round Table.

While it may not have been quite the return of the quirky hunter many were expecting, werewolves, bloody dinners and the Sam and Dean brotherly turmoil gave participants Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day, Sean McKenna and Alice Jester (from The Winchester Family Business) plenty to talk about.

Grab some pie and join in the discussion of Supernatural Season 9 Episode 12 now...


participants Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) - See more at:
participants Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) - See more at: Season 9 Episode 12

Favorite scene?

Alice: The end! No, not the Sam and Dean talk. I mean credits rolling. No, if there was one scene that REALLY got me going, it was Sam in a tank top and biker shorts in next week’s preview. Now that’s some killer stuff.

Carla: The goodbye hug between Dean and Garth was touching. I'm glad that Dean accepted Garth and wished him well with his new family. That was something special. And even though Dean didn't think Garth could help them hunt, I'd love to see it happen on a future case.

Carissa: I wasn't overly impressed with this episode. It felt like a hail Mary pass when they had nothing else in mind. So this is going to be my "I agree with" table, and I agree with Alice. Next week's episode looks amazing, and I rewound and watched the previews a few times to get the giggles. I hope those scenes last longer than what we saw, or there are more goofy outfits in store!

Sean: I think I wanted to like this episode more than I did, especially with Garth back. There really wasn't anything that stuck out as "favorite" besides Sam and Dean each openly admitting the leftover grace and the Mark of Cain. However, that was a small moment that wasn't further explored, and things kind of went downhill after.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised Sam and Dean reunited so quickly?

Alice: Considering I don’t see them as truly reunited, no. All they’re doing is sharing physical space in a car (which is a shame, Sam should have kept that beautiful Dodge Dart). They did prove to each other through this adventure with Garth that they can work together in a professional manner and what else are they going to do? They work better as a team, and they know it. I can’t see how they’ll be able to keep it all professional though.

Carla: Not really. They are better together than apart. I'm glad that they ended up in the same place because of a common friend and not just coincidence. The separation and the reunion though felt repetitious. They've been in this spot before, and they always overcome it. For that reason, I'm glad they were brought back together quickly rather than it dragging out.

Carissa: I don't think they're reunited as much as riding in the same car to the same cases. I have to be honest, the thing that bothered me was Sam leaving that hot set of wheels he had picked up behind in a parking lot. If they're not quite friends again, he could have taken his own ride and followed behind.

Sean: It's tough because we all know the brothers work together best, but I'm not surprised they "came together" so quickly. It's been done before. Plus, there's no way the personal will not get involved with the business. It isn't soulless Sam we're dealing with, just an upset Sam.

What did you think of Garth's return?

Alice: I must say, I was disappointed this time. I wanted the easy going, “Everything is Zen” Garth from the other episodes.  This Garth was too serious, too dramatic and not very fun. I get he’s been through a life changing experience, but I just thought he was off. At least he’s found happiness though. He’s a lot better off than Sam and Dean’s other friends, who are dead.

Carla: I enjoyed it. I found Garth's situation to be believable. I'm actually surprised more hunters don't end up being turned by their prey. And, Garth's attitude about it was awesome. Other hunters wouldn't have been able to embrace the new life with the same positive attitude that Garth had. The wolf pack showed that real change is possible. I was happy for Garth.

Carissa: I liked it better when Garth was being the new Bobby. I don't expect to see him again. His story has kind of come to an end. He has a family, of wolves no less, and straying too far from the reservation isn't a great idea when he could be spotted and killed by another hunter who doesn't know him like the Winchester boys do. 

Sean: This didn't feel like the Garth we'd seen before or even the one in the recap before the episode aired. I'm glad he found a way to be happy in the circumstance and even get his hug with Dean at the end. And sure, I guess you could say Garth has grown, but I thought he did as the new Bobby. Something just felt off and more as a means to serve the episode rather than the character himself. I enjoy Garth's addition to the show, but this missed the mark for me.

Can you ever eat pie again after that dinner scene?

Alice: I don’t think I can ever eat again after that dinner scene. Actually, I get that was supposed to be funny, but I wasn’t laughing all that much. Or did I get grossed out. Ben Edlund has done worse!

Carla: I guess I watch too much disgusting TV, because that didn't really bother me at all. It was not nearly as bad as the meals on Hannibal. At least you could tell what they were eating at the table. It did crack me up as the camera panned the table to see Dean's was the only meat that was cooked. They were quite accommodating to their guest's preference.

Carissa: After watching Bones while eating, I can pretty much eat anything and think nothing of it. Except those old disgusting scenes that use to be on Fear Factor and Survivor. Some things aren't meant to be on the air. I've never known that werewolves didn't eat regular food, so that's a new one one me. Speaking of other wolves, please note I didn't include Garth in my hottest werewolves article. Sorry Garth old boy. There are lines.

Sean: I'm pretty sure I would have had the same expressions on my face as Dean trying to take in the raw bloody meat being devoured by the werewolves like it was no big deal. Yeah, I've lost my appetite.

What did you think of Sam's new terms for being with Dean?

Alice: I get Sam’s head space. He has a right to not trust. He and Dean don’t see things the same way and Sam can’t trust Dean with life or death decisions probably ever again.  I don’t think Sam was telling Dean they could never be brothers though. They just can’t be brothers right now. The mere fact he got in the car with Dean says that he doesn’t think all is lost between them.  He could have just drove away. It’ll be interesting to see where this new arrangement goes.

Carla: To be honest, I'm not sure what the heck Sam even meant. Of course they are still brothers. That's not something that can just be turned on and off. Sam's pissed. Okay, I get that, but he still loves his brother. There's no way they won't be there for each other in a time of need. As I mentioned before, I feel like they've been in this spot before and they've made it through. They can't survive without the other. They are like separated Siamese twins.  The healing began the moment they were reunited and reinforced when Sam got in and closed the door on the Impala.

Carissa: I'm with Carla here. I don't know what the heck Sam meant. He was a tad ambiguous. I guess it was essentially, "leave me alone and let's ride." You can't pick your family and you can't really pick your fellow hunters, either. You're either good with each other, or you're not. They work better together than apart. They save each other, even when they don't want to be saved. Honestly, I'm getting tired of the anger between the two of them welling up every couple months. Isn't there some other dramatic tension they can use to carry the story forward? 

Sean: I was pleased Sam didn't leave it with an "OK, Dean, problem solved." I'm glad he expressed some frustration and acknowledgement about not being on the same page (still a bit confused about his comments about blaming Dean for the church ordeal in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 23), as well as his concern with trust. They've both said they have problems with trust and still they've managed to move forward.

I don't think Sam meant they weren't brothers in the way that you can just get rid of that title, but more that it's going to take some time for them to be good with each other again. I like that, but I really hope that once they get on the same page (and they will, they have to) the story stays away from that type of drama. It's been nine seasons, it's time to create drama and problems with other characters, even new ones, instead of digging back into the well for Sam and Dean problems we feel like we've all seen before. At least they're working together and soon the brotherly bond will find its way back.

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