Supernatural Round Table: "The Purge"

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Peruvian Fat Suckers. Sam in yoga shorts. Lunch lady Dean serving pudding.

There were plenty of fun moments on the latest Supernatural episode, as the Winchester brothers joined a wellness center. And with a major heart to heart at the end of the hour, it's given our Supernatural Round Table participants Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) plenty to talk about.

Grab your health smoothie and let's discuss Supernatural Season 9 Episode 13 now...


Favorite scene from this Supernatural Season 9 episode?
Carissa: There were too many. I enjoyed Dean trying to impress the resort owners with this fitness prowess and later Sam showing the yoga class how skilled he was by asking them to hold a pose for 5 minutes, much to their horror. Their fish out of water situations are always some of my favorites.

Alice: I’m going to be a glutton for punishment and say the final one, the serious talk between Sam and Dean. Why? Because these two are rarely so open and honest with one another. It’s refreshing to see.  Yeah, I know, they were brutally honest to the point where it ended with hurt feelings, but the entire conversation made sense to me. I think Sam was hoping in the last couple of episodes, ever since that scene on the docks in “Road Trip”, that Dean would figure out how why he was so mad. No such luck, so he had to spell it out. The truth really effin’ hurts. 

Sean: I agree with Carissa about putting Sam and Dean in situations that aren't always comfortable for them. That's why I have to go with the brothers interviewing for the job. Dean's enthusiasm for fitness was hilarious, which it made it even funnier that Sam was given the yoga job and Dean became the lunch lady. At least he got some pudding!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Peruvian Fat Suckers?

Carissa: I wouldn't mind having one of my own, if I'm honest. It would be a little nasty to make love to the guy, but he'd keep me nice and trim and we could make a mint with our own health spa. Hell to the yeah!

Alice: I’m wishing like mad they are real and I want one to invade my house right now. I’ll sacrifice all the fat the creature needs for the sake of my family. 

Sean: I wasn't really impressed with the monsters compared to other unique ones we've come across on the show. That said, if they were real, they'd make a killing in money with their helpful fat sucking skills.

Do you really believe Sam wouldn't make the same decision to save Dean if the roles were reversed?

Carissa: No. It's always easier to say it when the shoe is on the other foot. They've both been through it so many times that it seems more likely to me that Sam has lost his will to fight because he doesn't have anything to fight for -- no real life. He can't have a girlfriend, family or even a dog. But he has his brother. When he realizes that again, he'll want to live.

Alice: Yes, I do. But everyone’s got to understand, Sam said “if the circumstances were the same.” In other words, if Dean was lying near death in a hospital, Sam would not conspire with an angel and trick Dean into angel possession to save his life. Many are taking that to believe that Sam wouldn’t try to save Dean’s life at all. Sam is more accepting of death and being alone. 

That doesn’t mean he wishes it, just that he knows where to draw the line. He still remembers the events from “Faith.” He already knows the consequences of making such decisions. But he will do what it takes until it reaches that point.

Sean: I think it's tough to say until actually faced with that circumstance and I still believe (and think it might come down to it) that Sam would save Dean from death. But I do agree with Alice about the specific circumstances of Sam's comments as well. He really is much more OK with being alone, but I still think he's just still very understandably upset. The brothers have always cared for each other, just found different ways to show it. Hopefully, the two will be able to each grow past this current problem between the two.

How do you think Sam's comments will affect Dean's decisions, thought process from here on out?

Carissa: I'm not sure I know what comments you mean. His annoying, "I'm just being honest" ones? I think they'll continue to pick at each other until Dean realizes that Sam isn't ready to die as much as he doesn't have anything to live for. They're actually closer than they've been in years to having something of their own with their lair, so they have to step back and look at what they have and stop seeing everything as so dour.

Alice: That’s a great question. It looks like he’s drinking again, so I anticipate more of that. I think he’s going to be more reckless and if Sam tries to say anything about it, he’ll throw Sam’s comments from this episode back in his face. The Mark of Cain is likely going to play into his further downward spiral too, but a broken relationship with Sam won’t help. He’ll likely believe that his brother doesn’t have his back and will be doing a lot of things on his own and befriending others. Kind of like before they hugged in out in “Sacrifice.” I’m sorry, what was the relevance of that scene again? It didn’t seem to stick. 

Sean: I think the "Sacrifice" scene with the brothers was a huge moment for the series, although the follow up episode seemed to go in a different direction, and now the brothers are at odds. And with Sam not on the brotherly love train and Dean with the Mark of Cain, I predict some risky choices and reckless behavior. But it's always darkest just before the dawn.

What can Sam and Dean do or need to truly get back on the same page working together as a team and as brothers?

Carissa: Counseling. It's time for some angel on one shoulder devil on the other action. They should be locked in a room with their two best counselors telling them how great they are together -- the two Cs. Crowley and Castiel. Tell me I'm wrong.

Alice: I’m with Carissa. Crowley and Castiel team together, put Sam and Dean in a locked room and won’t let them go until they hug it out! (Rushes to write the fan fiction now). Nah, for one, it’s going to take a lot of time (I know, fans hate to hear that). I imagine something is going to happen to Dean with this Mark of Cain business, and they are forced to work together to keep Dean from doing whatever the Mark of Cain is going to make him do (Go crazy? Go evil?). Sam will pledge his loyalty, Dean won’t believe him, blah, blah, it all works out in the end. Either that or they arm wrestle.

Sean: That Mark of Cain and the repercussions are what's going to have to pull them together at some point. Really, Dean and Sam need to come to a compromise. Dean needs to pull back on the over protection and Sam needs to realize that he can't do it all on his own, without any brotherly love. It'll definitely take time, but I think once the two pass that hurdle, the series keeps them on good terms together, fighting the good fight. Maybe they just need a spa day.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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